After the divorce, I lived alone for 6 months . . . it was nice, quiet, orderly. Predictable. I had a schedule and Millie, Rocky, and I were all very happy being here in the Little House. A family of three.

Then Prince Charming arrived . . . and everything changed. We have a schedule, but it’s not set in stone. Life is predictable but it also changes frequently. The house is still tidy and orderly . . . most of the time . . . when you are out doing things and going places you tend not to care about if there is clutter on the kitchen table. If you are enjoying someone’s company, you don’t care if the dishes don’t get done right away. If you are having wonderful conversations about all kinds of things, you don’t need the TV on for background noise . . .

I’ve learned to let go of a lot of things. Accept new things. Experience new things. Thank you, Prince Charming, for helping me open up a bit and live life with more gusto . . .

But most of all . . . thank you for bringing laughter back to the Little House . . . listening to you laugh tonight while you were watching TV made the Little House feel like Home again . . .


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