What A Cute Little Family!

Everybody . . . this is Prince Charming.  Prince Charming . . . this is everybody!

This was taken about two weeks after Prince Charming moved into the Little House.  It was at a event to raise funds for the local Humane Society . . . and I had scheduled the appointment before I knew that Prince Charming would be moving to Ohio.  I wasn’t sure if he would want to be in a family portrait with me and the dogs . . . and bless his heart, he said “yes” before I could even finish asking the question!

The photographer had no idea of our little family’s background and commented several times on what a cute family we were and how happy the dogs were.

It warmed my heart to hear that . . . because at that time I was full of questions about “What the heck am I doing?”

The first picture isn’t quite my idea of a traditional family portrait  . . .  but we aren’t necessarily a traditional family so that’s a perfect picture of us!  It is a true picture of what who we are . . .

But the traditionalist in me had to have the formal posed portrait, too!

See those smiles . . . yea, that’s how it is all the time . . . in case you’re wondering . . . it was easy to get Rocky to be still but Millie was a different story!  


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