I’ve been on a rampage the last few days . . . and it’s not pretty . . .

I could go on and on about how unfair life is and the road blocks and obstacles that Prince Charming and I are struggling with every day.  I actually started a post to do just that.  Rant and rave and carry on and tell all the gory details.  I thought writing it all down would help me feel better.  It didn’t.

It made me feel worse.

And, really, who wants to hear gory details when they have gory details of their own to deal with? 

Prince Charming told me the other day that “Times are hard, but life is good.”  My initial reaction was “WTF?” but once I got over the initial confusion of “how is that possible?” I saw the brilliance in his thinking.   

Money is tight.  He doesn’t have a job.  The divorce laws inVirginia make it very complicated (read expensive!) for him to get a divorce.  There’s a nice little list of obstacles and road blocks that seems to grow on a daily basis. 

As bleak as it appears to me sometimes, I have to remember one thing . . .

. . . I am not alone anymore . . . 

I was facing pretty much the same stuff last year . . . money was tight, Ex-Hub wasn’t working, and my 26 year marriage was falling apart . . . I felt lost and alone.  The burden of the world was on my shoulders and I was starting to crumble.  It was sad.  I was sad. 

The difference now is that I am not facing these things alone anymore.    

Prince Charming is here in the Little House with me.  I have my bestest friend by my side and together we can slay the dragons and take on the road blocks and obstacles that are in our path to Happily Ever After.  When I have a bad day, he kisses me sweetly, he makes me laugh, and he promises me that everything will okay and that we will be fine.  When I think that the burden of the world is on my shoulders, he reminds me that he’s here to help share the load. 

Who could ask for anything more?


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