The Big Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend . . . the official start to summer . . .

I took Friday off from work so I had a lovely 4 day weekend!

Worked in the flower bed . . . omg that thing is huge!  I’m seriously reconsidering the flower bed.  I’m not a gardener and I never wanted something that big anyway!  So now that I’m the one that has to work in it . . . it’s going to be redesigned!

Prince Charming did some work on things here at The Little House . . . again omg!  There were a couple of things that have been bugging me and I had Prince Charming check them out . . . what he found out made me sad . . . and then I got angry . . . and now I’m just flabbergasted . . .

We went to my niece’s graduation party on Sunday . . . the official graduation isn’t until tomorrow . . . but Big Sister wanted to have the party this weekend to beat the rush of Diva’s *niece* friends parties . . . if it’s anything like Dollface’s *Diva’s sister* graduation there will be parties for a month!

We went to the annual Memorial Day parade here in Smalltown today.  KT *youngest granddaughter* is in the Marine Corps Jr. ROTC at the local high school and she made color guard.  It was her first parade.  She was so beautiful in her Marine Corp uniform . . . and she looked like she was scared sh!tless walking the parade route.  It probably didn’t help any to have her mother and her grandmother trying to distract her by hollering for her and blowing an airhorn and ringing a cowbell . . .

We went to the Memorial Day parade in the little town next to where we grew up on Saturday morning.  It was the total opposite of the parade in Smalltown.  That parade was 11 minutes long.  It also featured Sad Sack’s *youngest nephew* marching band debut.  I was getting all teary eyed watching him march along and then Little Brother shouted out to Sad Sack trying to make him laugh!  Yea, onery runs in the family!

Beautiful weather.  Good food on the grill.  Fun time with family.  Beautiful man to spend the weekend with.  What more could a girl ask for?


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