Letter to My Babies

Dear Rocky & Millie

Mommy is off work for the next four days for the Memorial Day Holiday.  I know all this means to you is that Mommy and Prince Charming will both be home all day to give you love and cookies and hopefully go for a few walks if the weather cooperates.

Mommy has really been looking forward to a few days off from work.  Mommy has REALLY been looking forward to being able to sleep in for four days in a row.  Sleep in means sleeping past 5:30 a.m.  I know that part of Mommy’s mini vacation is going to mess up your schedule and I apologize for that. 

I’ll make you a deal . . . If you wake me up at 5:30, I promise to get up to let you go out to potty and I’ll fix you breakfast.  Then I’ll go back to bed and you guys will be good and not make a lot of noise until about 9 a.m.  Then I promise that I’ll get up for the day and you can run in and out of the house every 20 minutes.  Does that sound fair?

Love, Mommy

(They must have liked that deal because that’s exactly what they did this morning!) ;o)


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