I Told You That Story to Tell You This Story

The hot flashes are back.  Don’t know why they are back, but they are.  They are just as awful as they were right after the surgery 4 years ago.  At least I don’t have night sweats like I used to . . . but still.  They wake me up in the middle of the night.  The blankets get flung off.  Then after a while, I get cold and they come back on.  I get thirsty and need a drink of water.  Then I have to go to the bathroom.  Happens quite a few times almost every night.  Between that and Millie needing to go out when I get up to go to the bathroom (“You go, I go Mom!”), I have  been awake quite a bit lately.

So in the very early morning hours this morning, I’m laying awake and trying not to make any noise so I don’t wake up Millie.  I’m staring at the ceiling or staring at Prince Charming sleeping next to me.  He snores just a little bit.  What a very comforting sound.  The windows are open so I can hear the birds chirping in the trees.  Millie and Rocky are on the doggie bed at the foot of the bed and somebody is snoring a lot louder than Prince Charming!

I’m thinking about all kinds of things.  How nice it is to be able to hear the birds in the trees.  How lucky I am to have Prince Charming sleeping right next to me.  How can one dog snore so loud!  How happy I am these days.  How different my life is from a year ago . . . from six months ago.  How the hardest thing I’ve ever done (the divorce) could lead to the best thing I’ve ever done (Prince Charming).  I’m living my wildest dream . . . somebody pinch me because this can’t possibly be real!

And then I hear Millie shaking her head and she walks over to my side of the bed and starts breathing on me.  How does she know that I’m awake? Guess I better get up and get started on the day.

Thank you, God, for today.


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