This Is How Thursday Is Supposed to Look

I’m supposed to be doing the dishes so I can finish my grocery list so I can go to the grocery.

I have laundry to do because I need to have clean pants for work tomorrow.  Prince Charming is going to give me a hard time for that one.  “Honey, if you told me you needed clean pants I would have done the laundry!”

Rocky and Millie are running in and out and not understanding why we can’t go for our nightly walk . . . gee, Mom, it’s only 85 degrees with about that much humidity outside.  Really, we won’t melt.  Honest.  (They might not melt but Mommy sure might.)

Prince Charming went to help his Dad build a shed for one of their neighbors.  One of the benefits of him moving back here to Smalltown .  . he can help his folks when they need him.

But here I am playing on the computer . . .


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