Slaying The Monsters

Yea I know.  My PostADay idea hasn’t happened like I planned.  I’m not here much, but rest assured that life is good here at The Little House these days.

Prince Charming is settling into his new surroundings.  Slowly but surely the boxes are being unpacked.  It’s very comforting to see his stuff in the closet . . . to see his shoes under the coffee table . . . to see his toothbrush in the bathroom.  He’s learning the routines of the household and teaching me new routines.  We haven’t had any luck on the job front yet but with the networking and some help from our friends we have some very good leads.  It won’t be long.

Rocky and Millie are having all sorts of fun adjusting to having another person in The Little House to give them treats and play with them.  I know they are going to be very sad when Prince Charming has to go to work and won’t be home with them all day anymore.

I’m happy as a clam with the new living arrangement.  Having someone who truly wants to be a part of my life and actively participates in a relationship is a new experience for me.  It’s unbelievable to me that someone loves me because of my faults and insecurities . . . not in spite of them.  I’m constantly finding my breath taken away by the things he does for me . . . and then to hear him say “But why wouldn’t I do that?” and I realize that this is the way it was supposed to be all along.  Apparently my perception of normal has been a little bit askew . . .

Which leads me to wonder . . . is this for real?  Is he just on his best behavior because it’s new?  What did I do to deserve this wonderful man in my life again?  How do I make sure I don’t screw this up and drive him away?  Why is it so easy for me to believe that I’m going to fail at this and so hard for me to believe that this wonderful man is here for the long haul?  Why?  How? What if?  They are all things that plague me frequently . . . we’ve talked about all of these things . . . we call them “The Monsters” . . . and in true Prince Charming fashion . . . he helps me slay The Monsters.   He listens to my concerns about us and about our future and he actually hears what I’m trying to say.  He doesn’t just push them aside and tell me that I’m silly or that I’m worrying about nothing . . . he helps me see for myself the answer to the questions that I have.  But most importantly, he shows me every day that he’s serious about us and the relationship.  Every day I wake up and he’s the same guy that he was the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.  Loving, kind, compassionate, funny, chivalrous,  silly . . . I could go on all day but you get the picture . . . and if I went on all day, ya’ll be sick to your stomach from so much sweetness!

So I’m here . . . happy as a clam . . . with the doggies . . . and my loving Prince Charming.  Life is good.  We hit potholes every once in a while but they aren’t anything serious . . . and when I stumble it’s so comforting that I have somebody besides Rocky and Millie to kiss my boo-boos . . .


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