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The Big Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend . . . the official start to summer . . .

I took Friday off from work so I had a lovely 4 day weekend!

Worked in the flower bed . . . omg that thing is huge!  I’m seriously reconsidering the flower bed.  I’m not a gardener and I never wanted something that big anyway!  So now that I’m the one that has to work in it . . . it’s going to be redesigned!

Prince Charming did some work on things here at The Little House . . . again omg!  There were a couple of things that have been bugging me and I had Prince Charming check them out . . . what he found out made me sad . . . and then I got angry . . . and now I’m just flabbergasted . . .

We went to my niece’s graduation party on Sunday . . . the official graduation isn’t until tomorrow . . . but Big Sister wanted to have the party this weekend to beat the rush of Diva’s *niece* friends parties . . . if it’s anything like Dollface’s *Diva’s sister* graduation there will be parties for a month!

We went to the annual Memorial Day parade here in Smalltown today.  KT *youngest granddaughter* is in the Marine Corps Jr. ROTC at the local high school and she made color guard.  It was her first parade.  She was so beautiful in her Marine Corp uniform . . . and she looked like she was scared sh!tless walking the parade route.  It probably didn’t help any to have her mother and her grandmother trying to distract her by hollering for her and blowing an airhorn and ringing a cowbell . . .

We went to the Memorial Day parade in the little town next to where we grew up on Saturday morning.  It was the total opposite of the parade in Smalltown.  That parade was 11 minutes long.  It also featured Sad Sack’s *youngest nephew* marching band debut.  I was getting all teary eyed watching him march along and then Little Brother shouted out to Sad Sack trying to make him laugh!  Yea, onery runs in the family!

Beautiful weather.  Good food on the grill.  Fun time with family.  Beautiful man to spend the weekend with.  What more could a girl ask for?

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Letter to My Babies

Dear Rocky & Millie

Mommy is off work for the next four days for the Memorial Day Holiday.  I know all this means to you is that Mommy and Prince Charming will both be home all day to give you love and cookies and hopefully go for a few walks if the weather cooperates.

Mommy has really been looking forward to a few days off from work.  Mommy has REALLY been looking forward to being able to sleep in for four days in a row.  Sleep in means sleeping past 5:30 a.m.  I know that part of Mommy’s mini vacation is going to mess up your schedule and I apologize for that. 

I’ll make you a deal . . . If you wake me up at 5:30, I promise to get up to let you go out to potty and I’ll fix you breakfast.  Then I’ll go back to bed and you guys will be good and not make a lot of noise until about 9 a.m.  Then I promise that I’ll get up for the day and you can run in and out of the house every 20 minutes.  Does that sound fair?

Love, Mommy

(They must have liked that deal because that’s exactly what they did this morning!) ;o)

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Storm Central

We had more storms last night. Really scary storms with tornado warnings and large hail and big black clouds. This time I was not at Wally World but safe at home with the puppies and Prince Charming.

And his weather radio. And his portable ham radio. And the weather maps on the laptop. And the local CBS station with continuous coverage from 6 p.m. until who knows when.

I’ve lived here in this part of Ohio all my life. I’ve seen a few tornado warnings but haven’t seen anything like what’s going on now in quite some time. I gotta admit that I’m a bit unsettled with all this severe weather that we’ve been having. On one hand, It’s nice to have all the storm information available and be prepared for what’s around the bend. And it’s REALLY nice to have Prince Charming right by my side during all of this.

On the other hand, though, sometimes it’s a bit like information overload and my storm paranoia takes over and I have to leave the room to do “something productive.”

Now I understand why Blacky used to pace through the house during storms.

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Safe & Sound

One advantage of Prince Charming’s ham radio hobby . . . he can take his little radio with us when we go to Wally World and can tell me it’s time to leave because of severe weather . . .

I feel like a celebrity with my own personal protection detail . . .

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Sunday Morning

Prince Charming went to Hamvention – he’s a ham radio operator and Hamvention is a big convention for ham operators. It’s a big deal here in these parts. I have lots of stories about that . . .

I’m home alone on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Yea, I know. I should be doing all sorts of things and not be on this computer!

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I Told You That Story to Tell You This Story

The hot flashes are back.  Don’t know why they are back, but they are.  They are just as awful as they were right after the surgery 4 years ago.  At least I don’t have night sweats like I used to . . . but still.  They wake me up in the middle of the night.  The blankets get flung off.  Then after a while, I get cold and they come back on.  I get thirsty and need a drink of water.  Then I have to go to the bathroom.  Happens quite a few times almost every night.  Between that and Millie needing to go out when I get up to go to the bathroom (“You go, I go Mom!”), I have  been awake quite a bit lately.

So in the very early morning hours this morning, I’m laying awake and trying not to make any noise so I don’t wake up Millie.  I’m staring at the ceiling or staring at Prince Charming sleeping next to me.  He snores just a little bit.  What a very comforting sound.  The windows are open so I can hear the birds chirping in the trees.  Millie and Rocky are on the doggie bed at the foot of the bed and somebody is snoring a lot louder than Prince Charming!

I’m thinking about all kinds of things.  How nice it is to be able to hear the birds in the trees.  How lucky I am to have Prince Charming sleeping right next to me.  How can one dog snore so loud!  How happy I am these days.  How different my life is from a year ago . . . from six months ago.  How the hardest thing I’ve ever done (the divorce) could lead to the best thing I’ve ever done (Prince Charming).  I’m living my wildest dream . . . somebody pinch me because this can’t possibly be real!

And then I hear Millie shaking her head and she walks over to my side of the bed and starts breathing on me.  How does she know that I’m awake? Guess I better get up and get started on the day.

Thank you, God, for today.

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Lots of domestic stuff to do . . .

Trips to the big box stores  . . .

Yard work . . . the front flower bed is in need of some serious weeding!

Walk the dogs.  It’s been hot here the last few days and we’ve slacked off on the evening ritual.  Millie has noticed the change in the routine and IS NOT HAPPY!!

Two of my nieces are going to prom tonight.  I need to make a trip to The Homestead tonight to make sure I see them in their dresses .  . .

Boringly normal . . . just the way I like it!!

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This Is How Thursday Is Supposed to Look

I’m supposed to be doing the dishes so I can finish my grocery list so I can go to the grocery.

I have laundry to do because I need to have clean pants for work tomorrow.  Prince Charming is going to give me a hard time for that one.  “Honey, if you told me you needed clean pants I would have done the laundry!”

Rocky and Millie are running in and out and not understanding why we can’t go for our nightly walk . . . gee, Mom, it’s only 85 degrees with about that much humidity outside.  Really, we won’t melt.  Honest.  (They might not melt but Mommy sure might.)

Prince Charming went to help his Dad build a shed for one of their neighbors.  One of the benefits of him moving back here to Smalltown .  . he can help his folks when they need him.

But here I am playing on the computer . . .

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Slaying The Monsters

Yea I know.  My PostADay idea hasn’t happened like I planned.  I’m not here much, but rest assured that life is good here at The Little House these days.

Prince Charming is settling into his new surroundings.  Slowly but surely the boxes are being unpacked.  It’s very comforting to see his stuff in the closet . . . to see his shoes under the coffee table . . . to see his toothbrush in the bathroom.  He’s learning the routines of the household and teaching me new routines.  We haven’t had any luck on the job front yet but with the networking and some help from our friends we have some very good leads.  It won’t be long.

Rocky and Millie are having all sorts of fun adjusting to having another person in The Little House to give them treats and play with them.  I know they are going to be very sad when Prince Charming has to go to work and won’t be home with them all day anymore.

I’m happy as a clam with the new living arrangement.  Having someone who truly wants to be a part of my life and actively participates in a relationship is a new experience for me.  It’s unbelievable to me that someone loves me because of my faults and insecurities . . . not in spite of them.  I’m constantly finding my breath taken away by the things he does for me . . . and then to hear him say “But why wouldn’t I do that?” and I realize that this is the way it was supposed to be all along.  Apparently my perception of normal has been a little bit askew . . .

Which leads me to wonder . . . is this for real?  Is he just on his best behavior because it’s new?  What did I do to deserve this wonderful man in my life again?  How do I make sure I don’t screw this up and drive him away?  Why is it so easy for me to believe that I’m going to fail at this and so hard for me to believe that this wonderful man is here for the long haul?  Why?  How? What if?  They are all things that plague me frequently . . . we’ve talked about all of these things . . . we call them “The Monsters” . . . and in true Prince Charming fashion . . . he helps me slay The Monsters.   He listens to my concerns about us and about our future and he actually hears what I’m trying to say.  He doesn’t just push them aside and tell me that I’m silly or that I’m worrying about nothing . . . he helps me see for myself the answer to the questions that I have.  But most importantly, he shows me every day that he’s serious about us and the relationship.  Every day I wake up and he’s the same guy that he was the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.  Loving, kind, compassionate, funny, chivalrous,  silly . . . I could go on all day but you get the picture . . . and if I went on all day, ya’ll be sick to your stomach from so much sweetness!

So I’m here . . . happy as a clam . . . with the doggies . . . and my loving Prince Charming.  Life is good.  We hit potholes every once in a while but they aren’t anything serious . . . and when I stumble it’s so comforting that I have somebody besides Rocky and Millie to kiss my boo-boos . . .

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