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Well That Was Fun

Prince Charming and I celebrated our first holiday as a couple yesterday. We did the family thing.  Spent time with his mom & dad and then with my large family.

While his Mom & Dad are a little surprised at the turn of events in Prince Charming’s life, they are taking the changes in stride and have been wonderful about everything.  However, there are certain members of my family who are less than thrilled with the recent developments in my love life and not so wonderful.  I understand the issues they are having . . . but I’m not so happy with their process . . . but to each their own.

Which made for a very interesting family gathering yesterday.  Seventeen people in a small three bedroom ranch style house . . . and the underlying tension . . . seriously, what says Family Togetherness more than Unnecessary Drama?

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Getting To Know You

I’ve lived alone now for 6 months.

Before that, I was married to ExHubby for 26 years.

I’ve lived in this house for 20 years.

I’m kind of set in my ways.

Rocky, Millie, Fluff and I have a routine.

But we are very happy that Prince Charming is living with us.

He’s learning about us.  We’re learning about him.

The first thing we learned is that it’s difficult for a 6’2″ man to walk around in the basement of the Little House without bonking his head on something.  Poor guy has to walk “tilted” when he’s in the basement.  Considering that’s where the washer, dryer, and shower are he’s gonna spend a lot of time being “tilted.”

The second thing I learned is that there really are men that are willing to be equal partners when it comes to the housework stuff.  Honestly!  It’s not just lip service . . . okay maybe he’s on his best behavior because it’s all new, but I sure hope not!  He always offers to help with whatever I’m doing.  He does laundry . . . including folding and putting away!  He actually has an opinion when I ask what he wants for dinner!  He even says “I’ll cook . . . .” and then does!

The most important thing I’ve learned is that to accept the help that is offered.  It may not be done precisely the way I would do it, but it’s done and I didn’t have to do it!  He does it with joy in his heart because he is helping me.  The first time I heard “Why wouldn’t I help?  I live here too.”  I almost fell out of my shoes.  How can I not accept help from a beautiful man with twinkling green eyes and a huge smile on his face?

He’s learning that I wasn’t kidding when I told him that I’m a little OCD about stuff . . . and because I’m a little OCD about the daily routine, the dogs are a little OCD, too . . . and I’m perpetually running behind . . . and the dogs have me wrapped around their little paws . . .

So far it’s been fun . . .

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If I Could Turn Back Time

Remember I said there were some interesting developments in the Romance Dept?

Remember my story from last summer about Prince Charming?

Remember my Single Girl Road Trip?

Well . . .

Prince Charming = Bestest Friend = NewGuy = Very Happy Pammie!

Turns out “happily married to the love of his life” wasn’t exactly an accurate picture of his life.  It was the picture he painted for the world to see.  Turns out that he was having a lot of the same problems in his marriage that I had in mine.  Turns out he was separated.

Even though he and I haven’t seen each other for over 30 years, we are very much alike.  Once we started talking, it was like time had stood still and all those years we were apart never happened.  Friendship turned to romance . . . and the long distance romance started.  He lived 500 miles away.  Even though his family lives up here where I live, it was hard for him to come home to visit.  Since I’m a poor divorced lady with lots of medical bills to pay, it was hard for me to go visit him.  The Cell Phone was an important part of our day.  The Cell Phone company loves us very much.

Sssooo . . .  the long distance romance thing is wearing a little thin for both of us . . . and we are considering our next step . . . there will be a move involved for one of us . . . will I move there or will he move here has been the big topic of discussion the last few weeks . . .

For lots of reasons, it makes more sense for him to move back home . . .

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!

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Where The Heck Are You??

I’m here.

I’m fine.

Life is very good these days!

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and becomes so wonderful that you have to pinch yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming.

I’ll dish all the scoop soon . . . I promise!

Yea, I know I’m evil . . .

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