I get migraines.  They started in the early’90s.  A really sharp pain over my right eye.  It starts out as a dull ache and then progresses to a sharp stabbing pain.  If it gets really bad, I get a really queasy. 

They were controlled with meds for years . . . I’ve been off the meds for a couple of years now.  I get them when it’s hot and very humid in the summer or when there’s a lot of stress in my life.  But the funny thing about the stress headaches is that I get them AFTER I’ve dealt with the stressful situation. 

Considering the path my life has taken lately, I’ve been expecting a migraine (or two, or three!).  Since I haven’t had one, I’ve been thinking that I’ve either dealt with the situations very well and haven’t been stressed or that I’m not done dealing with the situation. 

I got my answer this morning.

I woke up with a migraine.  Yea, this sucks. 

But the good news is . . . I think this means I’ve finally dealt with the stress!!


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