Daily Archives: February 17, 2011

February Thaw

The temps here have been in the mid to upper 50’s.

The snow has melted!  Yay!  No more dangerous sidewalks!

The mud is back!  Boo!  I spend lots of time wiping off doggie feet and cleaning the mud room floor.  The dogs don’t like it.  It’s rough on my back to be bent over so much.  However, there is a positive aspect to this . . . I’m using my left wrist more . . . that’s gotta be a bonus, right?

It’s still light when I get home at night so Rocky and Millie are taking me for walks around the neighborhood.  More work for my left wrist . . . whoo hoo!  Heck, with their help I may be able to stop my physical therapy sooner than I thought.

But it’s February in Ohio . . . I know the cold and snow are just around the corner.  I’m gonna enjoy this while it lasts!

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