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Paranoid Much?

Okay, so yesterday the Dog Mobile started making a funny noise whenever I turned right.  Now that I’m single, one of my biggest fears is something happening to my car and me having to deal with mechanics on my own.  Always before when there was a problem with my car, I would tell Hubby and he would take care of it.  If he couldn’t fix it himself, he dealt with the guys at the garage that would fix it. 

I could call ExHubby and ask him about the problem, but that would mean that I can’t solve the problem myself and well that’s not really an image I want to present to him.  So I asked a guy friend whose opinion I trust about the noise and he told me that it didn’t sound serious and since it just started and didn’t happen all the time, I should give it a couple of days to see if it gets worse.  

Hmm, okay, probably good advice, but I’m paranoid.  I’ll admit it.  What if I ignore it and it gets really serious and it would have been less serious if I got it taken care of sooner?  What if the suspension is going bad and the front tire falls off while I’m driving?  What if??  What if??  What if??  He laughed and said that I should have it looked at if it would make me feel better.  Bless his heart.  He knows me so well!

So first thing this morning, I got up and took the car to the garage . . . and explained the problem . . . they said they’d look at it and call me when they had some answers. 

Yea, uh, I should have listened to my friend . . . he was right . . . he’s always right . . . there’s nothing wrong with the suspension . . . they couldn’t hear the noise that I was hearing . . . I will need new tires before too long but that’s about the only thing wrong . . .

And the best part . . . they didn’t charge me anything for being a silly paranoid girl . . . and my friend didn’t laugh at me . . . much . . .

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