Snow Day, Day 2

Woke up yesterday to a lovely icy scene.  Freezing rain, sleet, whatever.  The dogmobile looked like an icebert.  Didn’t look like much traffic had gone up my street and considering there’s a nice size hill at the end of the street, I wasn’t surprised . . .

I watched the news to see what the other roads looked like and what businesses in Smalltown were closed . . . and declared a Snow Day for Pammie!  I surely didn’t want it to suddenly become Snow/Ice 3 – Pammie 0!

Nobody at work was surprised that I was staying home . . . they didn’t want Snow/Ice 3 – Pammie 0 either!

Rocky and Millie were happy to have Mommy home for the day.  They weren’t too happy about the slick stuff on the deck.  I did feel a little sorry for them and put some sand down for them.  I haven’t been able to find any ice melt stuff that wouldn’t hurt the deck . . . 

It was lovely . . . I napped, I watched TV, I played on the computer, I knitted.  After watching my soap, I went out and chipped the ice off my car.  Okay, I got the door open and turned on the ignition . . . the heater did all the work. 

It was nice, but considering I spent a couple of weeks doing nothing when I broke my arm I got bored pretty quick!

Then Round 2 hit . . . more ice on the way and now snow to follow!  My county is at a Level 2 snow emergency.  That means the roads are hazardous and it’s recommended that you don’t go out if you don’t have to.  Didn’t take much to convince me to stay home another day!

I don’t want to deal with chipping open the car door again.  I had to yank on the back door to get it open so the dogs could go out.  I’m hearing the wind and I’m praying that I don’t lose power . . . since the divorce I’m a little unprepared for this . . . no kerosene heater . . . no battery operated radio.  Hmmm, perhaps I should have added that to my list when I was shopping for storm supplies on Sunday . . .

I don’t normally complain about winter weather . . . because I know the trade off is the wonderfully warm weather in the summer . . . but this time I’m calling “no mas” and begging for spring. 

Please Phil . . . tell me it’s 6 weeks til spring!

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