Stuff Rattling Around In My Brain

I’m kind of new to the whole WordPress thing . . . they dragged me over here kicking and screaming from MSN Spaces . . . but I am seriously loving this . . . I get to see the stats on a cute little bar graph . . . and there were 50 people that looked at my blog today . . . wow, I’ve never had that many people look at my blog in one day . . .

ExHubby came over today to get his mail . . . yes, he still has mail coming here . . . he picks it up on Sunday afternoon after bowling . . . I spent the morning cleaning the house before he got here . . . and I made sure I was dressed, hair done, and makeup on too . . . yes, at some point it did seem a little odd to me that I cared enough to put my best foot forward with him . . . he never noticed or cared before, what makes me think he will notice or care now?!  More importantly, why do I still care what he thinks?

While I was cleaning the house, I noticed that the house seems a little bare.  But it’s a nice kind of bare because when ExHubby was here, I thought the house was too cluttered.  There was entirely too much “stuff” in this house and most of the stuff left with ExHubby.  That’s when I realized that I spent most of my adult life acquring “things” that didn’t belong to me . . . 

When ExHubby was here today, he was very pleasant.  We had a nice conversation about stuff going on in his life, stuff going on in my life, Rocky and Millie . . . and it was nice to not have to deal with the tension and anger that has been between us the past few months . . . I finally feel like I did the right thing ending the marriage before we ended up hating each other . . .

I’ve been watching football all afternoon . . . I was rooting for Da Bears . . . and was horribly disappointed . . . I’m only rooting for the Steelers because I made a bet that Green Bay would beat them in the Super Bowl . . .

It’s been an interesting day . . .

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