Home Again, Home Again

I had a wonderful time on my trip.  It was great to see my friend and spend the weekend away from home.  The troubles I’ve had lately don’t seem so bad now.  It’s amazing what some laughter, some sunshine, and spending time with someone who only has your best interests at heart can do for a girl’s soul. 

The doggies went to puppy camp . . . what I call when they go to the kennel.  It’s the same kennel they’ve always gone to.  They know the routine and the people who work there and they have a wonderful time . . . but they’ve been asleep for most of the evening . . .

We’re settling back into our normal routine . . .

Here I am home again . . . and evil plotting when I can go back . . .


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One response to “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Dori

    Glad the pups had a nice getaway also – I know how exhausted they are when they return home – lots and lots of naps ! Bet they were overjoyed to see their “Big Dog Mom” !

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