45 Minutes of My Life I’ll Never Get Back

One of the things on my “Never Ending List of Things To Do Because I Changed My Name” List was to pick a split the cell phone account into two separate accounts . . . ExHubby and I had a family share plan with The Cell Phone Company and it worked just fine . . . as long as we were a family . . . now that we were no longer a family, not so much . . .

Every month the bill would come, and every month I would figure out which part was mine and which part was his.  I would pay the bill and he would give me a check to cover his part.  Since we were fairly civil to each other, it was no problem. 

I knew there would come a day when he would no longer be comfortable with that arrangement.  And I figured that day would be about the time he had a New Girlfriend.  Since he now has a New Girlfriend, I thought I would bring up the subject of splitting the cell phone bill into two accounts.  He told me that if I didn’t have a problem with leaving things alone, then he had no problem with leaving it alone.  Okay, I thought, one less thing to worry about for now . . .

Fast forward four days . . . when he received the bill this month . . . and decided he no longer wanted to have a joint cell phone account with his ExWife#2 (me!) . . .

He called The Cell Phone Company and started the process and then called me at work to tell me that I needed to do my part (set up my own account) NOW because blah, blah, blah . . .

Crap . . . my first instinct was to just do it later . . . but he used “That Tone Of Voice” that told me he wasn’t kidding . . . I figured it would be easier to just do it now and get it over with . . . yes, I know . . . I divorced him for “just this reason” and I don’t have to listen to him or “That Tone Of Voice” anymore . . . but something told me not to poke the bear on this one . . . so I did it . . .

OMG . . . seriously?! . . . 45 minutes later and 30 minutes of that on hold waiting on hold either for them to answer the phone in the first place or for them to talk to ExHubby because when he decided it needed to be done NOW he forgot to pick a plan of his own . . . OMG . . .

And seriously . . . why was it so important for it to be done NOW when four days ago it was fine to leave it alone?? 

I guess I should be thankful that I have checked something else off my list and that I don’t have to hear his complain about it anymore but still . . .


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