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Sad Day Indeed

Yesterday was the funeral for Deputy Suzanne Hopper

It was probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. 

But also the most beautiful funeral I’ve ever witnessed.  To see the video of the hundreds of police cars in the staging area before they drove to the funeral.  To see the huge crowd of fellow officers (many of them with tears in their eyes) from all over the country standing at the graveside in the blowing snow.  To see the Sheriff (Deputy Hopper’s boss) visibly flinch during the 21 gun salute.  It all just broke my heart.  But the thing that made me cry was hearing the bag pipes playing “Amazing Grace” at the graveside.

I’ve heard police work described as “hours of sheer boredom followed by moments of sheer terror” . . . not only for the officers . . . but also for the families and friends that love them.  And yet they get up ever day and do their job . . . and their families live with the knowledge that their husband, wife, sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, father may not come home at the end of their shift.   

I cannot imagine  the pain that Deputy Hopper’s is facing this weekend.

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