And I Was Worried?

The dry whirlpool in physical therapy is THE GREATEST INVENTION EVER!

and I thought I was gonna hate PT!

(if it’s gonna get worse, please don’t tell me . . . )



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2 responses to “And I Was Worried?

  1. Dori

    What is a ‘dry’ whirlpool???

  2. bigdogmompam

    it’s a wonderful thing . . . it’s a large machine that uses heated ground up corn kernels to massage you instead of water. it felt like sand when i stuck my arm in it and then the therapist turned it on and it started swirling around my arm and it was all warm and cozy . . . ooooohhhh i almost fell asleep sitting in the chair . . . after about 30 minutes she turned it off and that’s when the stretching exercises started . . .

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