It’s probably because of all the times I laughed at America’s Funniest Home Videos and the YouTube videos Little Brother sends me. 

It’s probably because I laughed hysterically when STBX  slipped on the steps.

Or probably because I’m a klutz that would trip over my own shadow.

I slipped on the steps while sweeping off a light dusting of snow.

My luck finally ran out or Karma finally got me . . .

I broke both bones in my left arm.  Up where they meet the wrist. 

Can we say “ouch”?

ER doc referred me to ortho . . . ortho recommended surgery because “at your age” there is a 50/50 chance it would heal okay with a cast.  Apparently 47 is ancient in the ortho world.  But a cast would require 6 weeks to heal.  Not very practical when you live alone.  Surgery would require a cast for two weeks and a possible stint with physical therapy.  Okay let’s do surgery.

Surgery done on Wednesday.  Cast comes off right after Christmas.  Pain meds are my early Christmas present.  

I hope that I’ve learned my lesson about laughing at people that fall . . .

but you know that I haven’t!



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2 responses to “Karma

  1. Dori

    Pam, I am SO sorry about your fall – hope the pain pills are helping. I broke my right elbow in a biking accident when I was about your age and they did surgery also. Lots of pt but good as new after that – well, no quite – it seems I couldn’t extend my arm fully and the pt guy said that’s as good as it gets. The next summer I went on a 400 mile bike ride (over 6 days) and lo and behold at the end of the ride – a perfectly straight arm !! YEAH!! It’s the constant pressure on your arm when you are biking – so do you have a bike, in case this happens to you??? But since your fractures are lower, you’ll prob be A-OK!! Enjoy Christmas and give those doggies a hug from AZ.

  2. Nadine

    OUCH! Poor girl. Feel better soon.

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