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And So We’re Done

The divorce hearing was yesterday. It seemed very ironic to me that we spent as much time in front of the judge to get divorced as we did all those years ago to get married. The hearing started at 9:15 and the timestamp on the final decree is 9:22.

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It’s probably because of all the times I laughed at America’s Funniest Home Videos and the YouTube videos Little Brother sends me. 

It’s probably because I laughed hysterically when STBX  slipped on the steps.

Or probably because I’m a klutz that would trip over my own shadow.

I slipped on the steps while sweeping off a light dusting of snow.

My luck finally ran out or Karma finally got me . . .

I broke both bones in my left arm.  Up where they meet the wrist. 

Can we say “ouch”?

ER doc referred me to ortho . . . ortho recommended surgery because “at your age” there is a 50/50 chance it would heal okay with a cast.  Apparently 47 is ancient in the ortho world.  But a cast would require 6 weeks to heal.  Not very practical when you live alone.  Surgery would require a cast for two weeks and a possible stint with physical therapy.  Okay let’s do surgery.

Surgery done on Wednesday.  Cast comes off right after Christmas.  Pain meds are my early Christmas present.  

I hope that I’ve learned my lesson about laughing at people that fall . . .

but you know that I haven’t!


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