It’s Complicated

This is probably the hardest post I’ve ever written.
Harder than when MIL passed away . . .
Harder than when Tigger, Smokie, Blacky, or Luci passed away . . .
Because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to live through . . .
And ya’ll know I’m one tough little cookie . . .
My marriage is over.  Hubby and I have issues.  Serious big time issues that have been brewing probably from the very beginning.  We ignored the elephant in the room and now we are paying the price.  The problems are so big and the hurt so deep that we can’t come back . . . we can’t fix it this time.  We’ve tried in the past but it’s never worked long term.  I have no faith that if we try "one more time" that we won’t have the same result a year, or two, or five down the road.  Sooo . . . . I’m going my way and he’s going his . . .
I’m keeping the house and the majority of the furniture . . . and Rocky and Millie are staying with me . . . he’s taking "his stuff" and moving away.  After a year on the market, the little house that MIL lived in has sold and we’re relieved to finally have the estate settled . . .
I’ve talked to a lawyer and since Hubby, er STBX, and I agree on everything it should be an easy process to complete.  If we don’t have any complications the process should be done by Christmas . . .
Yea boringly normal didn’t last too long . . .


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3 responses to “It’s Complicated

  1. Dori

    Pam, I am SO sorry to read your post and have the shock of my life……BUT I\’m glad you did what you need to do – life is too short OR too long to live in an unhappy situation. I wish you the best and will pray that everything works out for both of you. I\’m haopy Rocky and Millie still have their mom. HUGS and BLESSINGS !!

  2. Beth

    Pam, I am so very sorry to read this. I know you gave this your all.Hugs,Beth

  3. Dori

    Pam, I think of you often and wonder how you and the doggies are doing – please let us know when you can. HUGS!

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