If You Can’t Hear, You Can Feel

"If you can’t hear, you can feel" was one of my Father In Law’s favorite sayings . . . for a long time I didn’t quite understand what it meant . . . but then one day he explained it to me and it was like a light bulb clicked on . . .
and I used it alot . . .
when the kids were teenagers and pretty much anytime they did something, uh, questionable with their lives . . . and now the grandkids are teenagers and I’m saying it to them . . .
when my bestest friend Chessie is having guy problems . . . and I’ve said it alot to her/about her this past year . . . but she’s getting better so I don’t say it as much . .
but I really love saying it most when it applies to Hubby . . . and when it applies to him it applies in a big, big way . . .
Hubby is a newbie when it comes to the computer and he makes all the typical newbie computer mistakes.  Clicks on anything that looks interesting.  Says "yes" to things he shouldn’t say "yes" to.  Is a big fan of "free" downloads . . . games, music, you name it . . .
Of course, "free" usually means "infected" which I’ve tried to explain to him hundreds of times.  But he believes that since we have spyware protection and virus protection that we don’t have anything to worry about.  I’ve tried to explain that clicking "yes" to a virus is like opening the front door to a burgler.  He doesn’t understand.
Sooo . . . we get horrible virus infections on the computer . . .
and I’m not a geeky enough to fix it.  Little bro isn’t geeky enough to fix it – and that’s saying alot!  Soooo . . . the computer goes to the shop . . . which costs $$$ . . . just enough to cause Hubby pain in the pocket book . . . and since the computer has gone to the shop twice in the last 10 months
I’m hoping it will teach him the lesson that I can’t seem to get through to him because . . .
If you can’t hear, you can feel . . .

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