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Boringly Normal

Over the last couple of years, I whined alot about the fact that my life was hectic, I was stressed, I had too much to do and no time to do it.  I begged and pleaded for "normal" . . .
Well, I’m happy to annouce that I have normal!!
Job is good.  I think I finally have a clue of what I’m doing.  I’ve learned to balance the two different parts of my job and am able to get it all done somehow.  Yea, I’m pushing the 42-45 hour week but at least I don’t have a 45 minute drive on top of it. 
Family life is okay.  There’s always some drama with Princess and the grandkids, but that’s normal for us so I’m happy.  I’ve started visiting my parents a little more often.  They aren’t getting any younger . . . Dad keeps reminding everyone that he’s over 80 now you know! . . . and you just never know!  So over the last month or so, I’ve started going to Mass at the little church were I grew up.  I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be a part of a big noisy family . . . and there’s no place where it’s more apparent than when we are all at Mass together.  We take up two pews.  We still try to sit as far away from Mom as we can because she’ll smack you if you misbehave . . . even though we’re grown-ups!  I sit next to my brother and he’s still as bad as when we were kids.  Last week he was sitting on my side with the bad ear and was deliberately messing up so that it would make me giggle.  I had to finally tell him "I can hear you!" to make him stop . . . which only made him try harder!!
Then there are the puppies . . . Millie had her first birthday a couple of weeks ago!  Rocky has a girlfriend!!  Millie is such an adorable thing.  She’s always so happy to have Mommy’s attention.  Doesn’t matter if we’re going for a walk or if I’m doing poop patrol, she’s right there with me.  My little shadow.  If I don’t pay enough attention to her, she will come and lay her head in my lap and look at me with these big brown eyes!  Our next door neighbor has a new puppy and she’s adorable.  Her name is Sadie and she’s a shepherd/lab mix andshe’s about 5 months old.  She has one ear that stands up and the other ear is still floppy.  Rocky LOVES Sadie and runs the fence line with her.  Millie tags along and they run until they are completely out of breath.  They’ll come to the back door with their tonuges hanging out to slurp up some water and then they’re back at it!  
Work, home, church, Mom & Dad’s with side trips to Kr*ger and W@!!y for groceries and stuff.  Time for reading library books, doing cross stitch, working on my knitting . . . There have been soo many times over the past couple of years that I dreamed of this, prayed for this, and it’s here.  Boringly normal was such a foreign concept to me that I never dreamed it would be possible again.  But here it is back in my lap . . . boringly normal . . . it’s such a good thing . . .

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