Did I Miss A Memo?

I keep hearing grumbles about changes to Spaces . . . but if you’ve been on spaces for any length of time you’re always hearing grumbles about Spaces.  Something’s always changing.  But now I can’t access my stats.  There’s a limit on the length of a comment.  Long time Spaces friends are leaving or thinking about leaving . . .
I’ll admit, I’ve thought of it a time or two but this is my first blog.  It started out as Luci’s baby book . . . and evolved into Rocky’s baby book and Millie’s baby book . . . The story of MIL’s illness and passing.  Life with Hubby, and Princess, and Jr. 
Do I go or do I stay?  I have a back-up blog just in case but then I’ll have to move all the previous posts . . . I can’t just let all these stories sit here unattended. 
And I have so many more stories to tell.
Family drama with Mom’s side of the family.
Joys of being a hands on Grandma instead of a Long Distance Grandma.
Trials of raising young dogs.
Ya’ll know that stories about my hearing aid are gonna be a riot . . . when ever I do finally get the silly thing.
What to do??  What to do??


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2 responses to “Did I Miss A Memo?

  1. Beth

    The worst thing about all of the changes Pam, is that they make the changes without warning. One day you will see your post in Japanese or Spanish or another foreign language and the stats are gone forever. I moved the posts that I care about to blogspot but I will be posting here too for the time being.

  2. Dori

    I\’ve had no problems with your blogs, Pam -and would really miss them if you quit !! Please stay!! Re your hearing aid, I\’ve lost the hearing in one ear and a MRI revealed an acousic tumor as the culprit. Even if they zap it or remove it, the hearing loss is permanent. So I feel for you. However, I am compensating with a lot of head tilting – kinda like a puppy who wants a treat !!

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