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Thursday Thunk on Saturday?

We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it any way you want.
Write about it on your blog . . . simple as that.
Maybe you can interpret it as a picture – we don’t care!
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1. It became officially summer on Monday. What’s your favorite part of winter?  Freshly fallen snow. . . especially when I don’t have to drive in it!

2. What was your worst summer vacation ever?  The year I was 15, we went to Florida.  Went to ride the Glass Bottom Boats at Silver Springs and got poison ivy . . . just about everywhere . . .

3. Kimber’s husband just got the dream job that he’s hoped for. So a big shout out to her and Anthony! Tell us about the best job that you ever had.  I was the practice manager for a very small environmental law office.  I had to leave when Hubby retired to start his business and I needed to find a job with health benefits.  It was such a cool job . . .

4. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?  My daughter-in-law, my sister-in-law, or Hubby’s ex-wife . . . and if they’re talking about me, they’re leaving someone else alone . . .

5. An alien appears and offers you the opportunity to repeat one year of your life. You will still know everything that you know now. He explains that no matter what you do differently, when you are returned to the present nothing will have changed. What year would you pick and why?  If I know everything I know now but nothing changes, then what’s the point of a do-over? 

6. Name three things you have on you at all times. Explain why.  My diamond earrings – because I promised Hubby I’d wear them every day of my life if he bought them.  My ruby earrings – because my Mom & Dad bought them for my 40th birthday.  My Palm – because me whole life is in there. 

7. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?  May 14, 2010.  It was a complaint letter.   

8. If you could have everyone in the blogosphere read just one of your posts, which post would you pick and why?  You mean they don’t already read my posts? 

9. I recently read that the music industry continues to decline at an alarming rate. In the last year it said the sales of Michael Jackson’s and The Beatles’ music are the only artists who sales continue to climb. The article stated that the two are holding up the industry. Have you bought a CD or mp3 of either artist recently?  Haven’t bought anything from either of them, but then I haven’t bought much of any artist lately.  Hubby is the one with the ITunes account . . . . ha ha ha ha ha

10. What radio ad right now do you find so annoying that you’d rather have a tooth drilled than hear it again?  One for Sylvan Learning Centers.  It’s summer . . . why torture the kids with homework and tests and stuff . . . let ’em be kids for a little longer. 

11. Berleen walks into a bar on a hot Minnesota day. At the bar sits a priest, a rabbi and a minister. A ten foot duck walks into the bar right after Berleen. What drink do you think Berleen orders?  A rum and coke . . . oh, wait that’s mine. 

12. There is a knock on your door. It can be anyone in the world. Who would you want it to be?  Rick.   

13. What would be the worst entertainment or sporting that you could be forced to watch?  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  Hubby watches it every time it’s on TV.  Every. Single. Time.  I’m not kidding. 

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I Forget

I forget that Millie’s not a big bad black lab.  I forget that she’s just a puppy . . . a little less than a year old.
I forget that she’s not been a part of the family forever.  She’s only been part of the Big Dog Family for a little more than two months.
I forget the joys of watching a puppy discover the world around them.  She’s discovered lightning bugs, June bugs, earthworms, birds, squirrels, neighboorhood cats, and the sounds of other dogs on TV.  She’s also discovered (with Rocky’s help!) that The Nice Neighbor Man will give them doggie treats when he feeds his dogs at night. 
I forget what it’s like to have a young dog in the house.  And I’ve never had two dogs so young at the same time.  Rocky’s only 18 months old and Millie’s just shy of a year old.  It’s like having two babies in the house at the same time.  They’re on the go all the time. 
I forget how scary the new world is to a puppy.  She doesn’t like fireworks.  She isn’t too sure about the pool – it’s too much like a bath tub.  I have to be careful that I don’t sneak up on her, make any sudden moves or loud noises. She can be a little skittish. 
I forget what it’s like to have a Velcro Dog attached to my hip all the time.  Poor thing, I’ve crashed into her about a hundred times in the last two months.  I’m not sure if it’s her herding instinct or her fear that she’s going to miss something that keeps her so close to me all the time.
But most of all, I forget the joy of pulling up in front of the house at the end of the day and seeing their faces waiting for me at the front door.  Hubby says they go to the door about 4 p.m. and sit there until they see my car pull up a little after 5.  Then they fight over which toy to show me when I walk in the door.  No matter how bad my day is, that sight always puts a smile on my face.
Yes, I’m doing much better these days. 

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Somewhere In My Broken Heart

Losing Luci was very rough on me.  It was a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions – trying to figure out what was wrong with her, trying to do anything I could to make her better, trying to accept the fact that there were no answers and finally making the decision to let her go.  All that in two weeks time . . . and then dealing with the guilt of being the one that made “the decision” and not being able to fix it like I promised. 


Then Hubby insisted that we get another dog the very next day.  I told him that I couldn’t do it.  I wasn’t ready.  I didn’t want another dog.  I wanted Luci.  He told me that it would help my grieving process.  I won’t repeat what I thought about that idea.  He told me that it would help Rocky’s grieving process.  Okay, I’ll admit that got my attention.  Poor Rocky had no idea what had happened.  He knew that big sister was sick.  She went away and never came back.  Mommy was crying.  Daddy was crying.  He had never been an only dog.  He was part of a litter of 13 puppies – there was always somebody to play with.  Then he came to live with us and discovered Luci.  They were inseparable from Day One. 


I didn’t want Millie.  I didn’t like Millie.  I didn’t want to like Millie.  She was a young dog.  She was hyper.  She looked like Luci.  This, surprisingly, was a disadvantage for Millie and kept me from warming up to her at the shelter.  I had visions of the hard time I had training Luci repeating itself with this small hyper dog.  Even though Hubby was supposed to be responsible for training her, I knew in my heart that if she came to live with us she was going to be my dog.  Then I heard her story.  Her original family didn’t want her and didn’t pay attention to her so she kept running away.  After the third time, the family decided they didn’t want her anymore and left her at the shelter.  So now here this poor little unloved dog was going to be part of a family with a Mommy that wasn’t 100% in love with her.  She deserved better than that.  I tried to talk Hubby out of adopting her but it was love at first sight for him and Rocky . . . I was overruled. 


I sulked.  I pouted.  I whined.  Millie didn’t pay any attention to that.  She was always there with a wagging tail and a bunch of puppy kisses.  When the alarm goes off in the morning, she makes the crate rattle because she’s so excited to see us.  She’s the first to run to the door when I come home from work.  She’s the one that walks me to the door when I leave for work in the morning.  She fit into the routine like she had always been there.  She didn’t mind spending time in the crate when we weren’t home or during the night.  She didn’t mess in the crate.  She only had a couple of accidents in the house – and that’s because we weren’t paying attention to her.  She always comes running at full speed when we call her name.  She’s learning her obedience commands quickly – even though her puppy enthusiasm sometimes takes over and she darts off after the first thing she sees. 


I guess subconsciously I’ve noticed that all of this has been going on but I only really started paying attention to it the last few weeks.  She’s doing her best to fit in and be a part of a family – her family.  Gotta give the little thing a lot of credit – she had a rough start in life but has worked it to her advantage.  She’s done everything we’ve asked of her and in the process she’s won me over.  Somewhere in my broken heart, I found room for the new baby. 



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Wax On, Wax Off

I have stuff stuck in my head . . .
1.  Seriously?  A remake of The Karate Kid?  From what I can tell the basic story line is the only thing remaining from the original movie.  I love Jackie Chan and I’m impressed with Will Smith’s kid but did they have to remake the movie?  I lived through the 80’s once . . . do we really have to do it again?
2.  Part of the joy of having a puppy is watching them discover the world . . . Millie loves lightning bugs.  Rocky got stung by a bee.  Neither one of them like the pool.  Neither one of them particularly care for storms . . . or fireworks.  They both love when we cook out on the grill.  Rocky loves of sun himself on the deck and Millie likes to stay in the house and enjoy the AC.
3.  Took Rocky to the vet for the bee sting on his foot.  Poor guy got a shot and some spray stuff for me to put between his toes.  He wasn’t happy about it but since he got a cookie for being a good boy he tolerated it.  Took him to a new vet since I’m never going back to the vet that misdiagnosed Luci.  Love, love, love the new guy.  One vet in the office.  Knows patients by name.  Remembered me from the one time I took Goldie there (over 6 year ago!) for an after hours emergency call.  Either he’s got a good memory or he took the time to do his research before we got there.  Either way, I was IMPRESSED! 
4.  I’m waiting not so patiently for Toy Story 3 to come out.  Does that sound creepy?  Will it be creepy when Hubby and I go to the movie without any children?  I’m thinking we’re going to get the evil eye from parents with small children . . .
5.  Today I learned that I’m officially a member of the Baby Boomer Generation. . . . I’m scheduled to have a hearing aid evaluation done on Friday.  Yep, I’ve REALLY trashed my hearing.  I’m blaming it on loud music and not age . . . hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
6.  Yard sale was a success.  First weekend – sold a bunch of stuff, made a bunch of money.  Second weekend – not so great.  Hubby threw in the towel on the sale every weekend until the stuff sold idea.  We’re donating it to a church this weekend.
7.  On-again off-again Renter is on-again maybe.  She changes her mind more than I change my clothes.  In the meantime, the house is up for sale again.  Realtor talked Hubby into lowering the price.  I’m praying ALOT to St. Joseph that the house sells this time.  We really need it to be done and over.  I can tell that the stress of dealing with it is getting to Hubby. 
That’s about it . . .


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