Happiness Is A Warm Puppy

Yes, she’s sleeping on my lap.  And she’s snoring.  Not to be left out, Rocky is on my other leg.  Also snoring.
Life is good.
I know that I said I wasn’t ready for a new addition to the family.  I know that I said I wouldn’t warm up to her. 
I know Hubby said that I’d come around eventually.
I hate when he’s right.  Don’t tell him, though, because I’ll never hear the end of it. 
I may not have been ready for Millie, but Millie sure was ready for us. 
It’s been a seamless transition for her.  Except for the time she took Rocky on an adventure through the neighborhood, she’s been a perfectly behaved little girl.  Oh, and she chewed up the case to my Palm PDA, but other than that she’s been pretty good.  She comes when she’s called.  She never messes in her crate.  She sleeps through the night without a potty break.  She’s learning her obedience commands easily.  She’s learned quickly to greet the visitors when they come to the door.  She’s friendly and outgoing and personable.  (Can a dog be personable?)  Which begs the question, why didn’t her original family keep her?  Perhaps it’s fate that brought her to us . . .
It’s not been so seamless for me.  I miss Luci.  I’ve called Millie "Luci" a couple of times and got a little emotional when I realized my mistake.  I think I’ve upset Hubby when I did it because he snapped at me . . . "You HAVE to stop calling her Luci!"  sniff, sniff "Yea, I know, but she’s just like Luci!" 
Funny how the thing you never wanted becomes the thing you can’t imagine being without . . .


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3 responses to “Happiness Is A Warm Puppy

  1. Beth

    I loved this post Pam! I am so glad you have taken Millie into your heart. It is only to be expected that you would slip and call her Luci. That is a compliment to Millie.Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Dori

    Morning, Pam – have been out of town for a week (KC) but loved catching up with your blog. Sounds like Millie has settled in nicely – the reason she didn\’t stay with her first family???? Cause her name was already carved in your heart. Luci is smling !!

  3. Big Dog Mom

    Dori – Luci & Goldie both are smiling down from Heaven. Millie is now the Velcro Dog because she follows me EVERYWHERE!! Bless her heart. If I go to the basement, she waits at the top of the stairs. She stays in the kitchen while I cook supper or do dishes. She tries to help when I sweep the floor. Luckily she has no interest in poop patrol. Next weekend we are going to see how she likes The Pool!

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