Family Reunion

We went to a family reunion last week . . . .
For Rocky . . .
This is Gabby. She’s Rocky’s Mommy.  The Rescue Group where were found Rocky named her Mother of The Year at their annual meeting.  The Rescue Group wanted to surprise Gabby with a reunion of as many of her puppies that could attend.  You see, a very pregnant Gabby was dropped off at the local Humane Society.  Her sweet and loving personality won over the staff at the Humane Society and they called the Rescue Group (a no-kill shelter) to see if they could take Gabby (and the soon-to-be puppies) and find loving homes for all of them.  Gabby moved into the shelter at the Rescue Group and had 13 puppies the very next day.  
When we went to the shelter 11 weeks later, Gabby and several puppies were still waiting for homes.  We had just lost Blacky and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of getting a new puppy, but something about Gabby’s made me fall in love with her.  When Hubby picked Rocky out of the group of puppies, I hoped that this little guy would have some of his Mommy’s personality.  Oh, boy, does he ever! 
So, there were about a half-dozen or so of Rocky’s siblings there for the party.
This is Sassy.  She’s a very well loved girl.  See the pink bows in her hair?  There’s even one one on her tail.  And she had pink toenails! 
This is Geraldine.  She’s Rocky’s twin sister.   Rocky’s name at the shelter was Gerald. 
This is a picture of Geraldine and Rocky.  Her fur is a little longer than his, but basicially they have the same markings.  And the same temperment. 
Yes, the little brown dog is one of Rocky’s siblings.  His name is Winston and he was the runt of the litter.  He was not playing well with others.  Even though Rocky is much bigger than Winston, Winston decided that he was going to boss Rocky around.  Poor Rocky had no clue why this dog didn’t like him and decided he wanted nothing to do with Winston for the rest of the night. 
This is a picture of Rocky and his Mommy.  Turns out that Rocky is the biggest dog of the litter.  Guess that would make him the pick of the litter . . . but then I already knew that.
Sassy’s owners had a DNA test done and you would not believe the mixture in these dogs . . . Boxer, Weimeraner, American Eskimo Dog, Brittany Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, and Bischon Frise.  Okay, not exactly the mixture I was expecting but if that’s what the test says . . .
Rocky had a wonderful time meeting his siblings . . . except for Winston . . . and we are hoping to have another reunion later this summer.  
In the meantime, though, Rocky has back-up in case Winston shows up unexpectedly . . . .


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4 responses to “Family Reunion

  1. Dori

    LUV IT, LUV IT, LUV IT !! The reunion, I mean, and all the pics – what a great idea and how nice to have Rocky\’s mom named Mother of the Year. I guess that makes Rocky a puppy of the year !! YEAH!!Cannot believe someone would abandon Gabby right before she had puppies – how awful for her!! (Do you suppose she felt like Mary when there was no room in the inn!!!)What a lot of breeds make up Rocky – and good ones, too. Especially the Bichon (I\’m not biased at all) I like to think that explains Rocky\’s sweetness!Love the last pic – like they are looking out the door to make sure Winston isn\’t approaching – and Millie is ready to be the back-up gal! Thanks, Pam, for this excellent blog !!

  2. Nadine

    I was going to say that the one with pink bandana looks Brittany. But that Bichon…. way down the line!Trixie\’s brother belongs to the son of the people with the Big Red Bull. he doesn\’t come around much so I\’ve only seen him once since I gave him away. He has such long legs you\’d never know that he and Trixie came from the same litter. He looks like a real heeler but Trix looks like a red corgi.I think its fab that you got together with them. You Ohioan\’s are cut from a different cloth!

  3. Big Dog Mom

    I thought the reunion was a bit odd, but I was curious to see Rocky\’s Mommy and his siblings and I\’m very glad we went. I got an email from Gabby\’s owner that the Humane Society picked her up when they were on a call for another dog. When I think how horribly the story could have ended, I honestly believe that Rocky is a blessing from God . . . and Millie . . . well, the jury\’s still out on her =o)

  4. bigdogmompam

    Reblogged this on Driving the Dog Mobile and commented:

    A dear friend asked me to re-tell the story about Rocky’s family reunion and the results of the DNA test the owner of one of his siblings did when Rocky was about a year old. I asked my vet about the results of the DNA test and he said that he wasn’t totally convinced of the accuracy of the results when the dog has such a mixed heritage. He also told me that it’s possible for a litter of puppies to have more than one father and it’s possible that the results for Rocky would be different than the results of the sibling that was tested. So for Rocky’s “official” record, he is listed as a “Boxer/St. Bernard mix.”

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