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Silver Lining

We can’t find anybody to buy MIL’s house . . . so we’re renting it out starting May 1.  We never dreamed we’d be landlords.
Hubby’s got some health issues . . . nothing serious but stuff we need to keep an eye on.  He’s had to face some hard truths about what he’s physically able to do these days.  But letting go of some old stuff makes room in his life for other new stuff.
Millie’s adjusting nicely to life at the Big Dog Family House.  She enjoys having a family, a full food bowl, her very own little space.  Rocky loves having a little sister to fuss over.  They’re both really close in age so they have a lot of puppy energy to burn.  Rocky’s helping Millie learn the household routines and now I have two of them reminding me it’s time for walks or treats or cuddles . . .
April’s been a rough month but as long as I can keep finding the silver lining I think I’ll be okay . . .

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