Top 10

From the Big Dog Family House . . . . the Top 10 Millie Moments of the Week . . .
10.  "Millie, stop chewing on Rocky’s neck."  She always goes for the extra skin on the scruff of his neck when she really wants to get his attention. 
9.  "Millie, this is Fluff.  He’s a cat.  He lives here, too.  You have to be nice to him.  No, he’s not a chew toy."  The first time Millie saw Fluff she ran across the room as fast as she could so she could investigate.  Fluff arched his back, hissed at her, and left the room. 
8.  "Sorry, Fluff, but there’s a new dog in the house.  I promise she’ll leave you alone if you show her you the guy in charge.  Yea, I know you’re tired of breaking in new dogs."  Poor Fluff has initiated three dogs in four years.  He’s not happy with us right now and lets us know it at every opportunity. 
7.  "Millie, you have the same food in your bowl that Rocky has in his."  She checks out both food bowls before she starts to eat. 
6.  "Yes, there’s more food where that came from.  I promise you’l never be hungry again."  This is after she’s scarfed down all the food in her bowl and trying to push Rocky away from his dish.  It took a few days, but she finally got the concept and doesn’t wolf her food down anymore.
5.  "Millie, get off your brother."  She likes to sit on Rocky when he’s asleep.  
4.  "Way to go, Millie!"  Hubby and I both said this to her when she finally figured out how to go up the stairs.  It took about a week and a half before she was comfortable coming all the way upstairs.  It was funny to watch her go up a few, turn around and go back down, then try to come back up again.  Almost like she had to work up steam to get all the way to the top.
3.  "Good girl, Millie!"  We have had NO problems getting her crate trained.  She’ll go in the crate without a fuss when we leave the house and when it’s time for bed.  She’ll even go into the crate on her own when she’s tired.
2.  "Millie, I’m not a sheep."  She’s trying to "herd" me and make me go where she wants me to go.
1.  "Millie, get back here!"  Millie was the ring leader of an unaccompanied excursion through the neighborhood this week.  The gate was accidently left open and Millie and Rocky went on a trip through the neighborhood.  Hubby and I had to chase them down and bring them back home.  Luckily we had a neighbor to help us round up the runaways.  I’m thankful for the neighbor that helped.  I’m thankful that they stuck together.  I’m thankful that they listened to Mommy!  Yes, they’re getting some intensive obedience training this weekend!

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