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Beside Myself

I am not a happy woman.  Actually, I’m a Mommy on the War Path . . .
Trip to the specialist was very informative.  Once again I learned that I should listen to my gut.  I knew all along that the local vet was missing something with Luci and I was right.  Turns out that she doesn’t have CHF.  Probably never had CHF.  All the problems she’s having are probably a result of the original colitis attack she had two weeks ago.  That original colitis attack was more than likely a pancreatitis attack and the not eating, labored breathing, and "shivers" are all from the discomfort of the pancreatitis and not CHF.  
There were things that didn’t add up and didn’t make sense to me.  But I’m not a vet and I’m paying them ALOT of money to tell me what’s wrong with my dog.  Here we are two weeks later and Luci’s still not any better – she’s still a very sick girl – and there is a possibility that there might be long term complications from the delay in getting the right diagnosis.  
Other than the discomfort, her main problem is being dehydrated from the water pills that she didn’t need to be on in the first place.  We have to try to hydrate her without resorting to a hospital stay at the fancy animal hospital with around the clock care to deliver IV fluids.  She’s not eating, she’s not drinking much and we have to get 1 cup of fluids down her ever two hours.  Yea, it’s been a fun night.  I’m being creative and it’s working so far.  
We switched to this local vet after Blacky passed away because the animal shelter that gave us Rocky used this vet. I was completely happy with the vet we had before but it was a 30 minute trip one way to the vet office and I thought it might be nice to have a vet closer to the house in case of an emergency.  Man that decision is haunting me now.  
There may be long term complications from this.  Luci suffered for two weeks when she didn’t need to.  I’m beside myself with anger.  With guilt.  With fear. 

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