Oh, Dear . . . .

Things are going from bad to worse to "Oh #%^@!!"  
Hubby and I have been totally obsessed with Luci’s health this week.  It’s not getting any better.  We think we’re making progress and then we realize that we aren’t.  The meds seemed to be helping and she was breathing a little better.  But she was very reluctant to eat . . . and we all know that’s just not our Luci.  Called the vet Saturday afternoon and he said it was still a little early in the process.  He was concerned but nothing we were describing sounded like an emergency, so he asked me to call Monday morning and get a follow-up appointment for Luci.
Follow-up appointment consisted of another x-ray of her chest – there was some improvement with the lungs but not as much as they would have hoped.  The not eating baffled everyone until they checked her gums . . . both the upper and lower gums were red and inflamed.  But only the molars and not the teeth in the front.  Could be a drug reaction.  Could be a sign of an auto-immune disease.  But none of Luci’s symptoms fit the classic patterns of either of these problems.  Sooo, Luci got a shot of some steroids to help with the allergic reaction, we had to stop the heart med but continue with the water pill, and add a med to help with the allergic reaction.  Got lots of suggestions on stuff to feed a picky eater – again something I have no experience with! – and was told to follow up with the doctor in a day or two.  
Fast forward to today.  Still extremely reluctant to eat ANYTHING.  Stuff that she would eat one day, she won’t eat the next.  The med for the allergic reaction made her a little dopey so we have to cut that back.  Since she’s not eating anything, I have to shove her pills down her throat.  Not something I enjoy doing at all.  Still having these strange episodes of "shivers" that we can’t explain.  She’s getting up every two hours during the night to potty.  Between that and the worrying, Hubby and I aren’t getting any sleep.  Called the vet to update her and she’s completely baffled.  As a matter of fact, Luci has baffled the entire staff at the vet’s office . . . . and there are three (yes THREE) doctors working on her case.  So we were referred to a specialist . . . . yes, we’re going to see a doggie cardiologist tomorrow afternoon.  She’s a referral only private practice internal medicine vet that specializes in cardiology.  
Okay, now I’m officially worried . . . .


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2 responses to “Oh, Dear . . . .

  1. Beth

    I am so sorry to read this about Luci. I hope that everything can be figured out. My love to all of you.I am busy packing and getting ready to make an out of town move so I am not online very much.

  2. Dori

    Pam, my heart aches for you, hubby and Luci – imagine those water pills are making her go out every two hours at night so that is a good thing. Surely the doggy heart doc can figure this one out – It sounds like you doing everything you can. When her gums get better, maybe she\’ll start eating again. Labs are so tough and I know she will give it everything she has. Please keep us posted – in the meantime, you are all three (oh, heck, I\’ll include Rocky too, cause he\’s probably worried about his sister) in my prayers.

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