I just realized that it’s been a while since I posted. . . .
We had a stretch of nice weather here in Ohio and I was taking advantage of it.  Walking the dogs, working in the yard to clean up some of the mess from the winter (read – extreme potty patrol!!)
Helping Hubby get MIL’s house ready for the renter that will be movning in on May 1.  We haven’t had any offers on from anybody to buy the house so we decided to rent it.  Of course, I realize that now that we’ve found a renter is when we will get someone interested in buying the house. 
Some medical drama with the Evil One . . . it started with Miss Luci finding something in the yard that was very yummy but not very healthy for her.  (Hence, the extreme potty patrol).  Whatever it was gave her a nice case of colitis.  Trip to the vet, shots, meds to take for a couple of weeks.  Just when we thought we were turning a corner with the colitis, we noticed she was having some problems breathing.  Panicked trip to the vet and we learned that Luci has congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema.  Yes, my lovely 4 year old lab has a serious health problem.  She spent the night at the vet hospital to get IV meds to help with the immediate problem and she seems to be responding to the meds.  We have meds to give her at home and and a follow-up visit with the vet in two weeks.  So now we wait and see if the meds will work long term . . .


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3 responses to “OMG!!

  1. Dori

    Pam, tell Miss Luci I will be praying for her to have complete control of the congestive heart failure with medication – I know humans beings can do that so why not our human animals?? It\’s such a worry though when our four-legged friends are ailing and my heart goes out to you. Perhaps an Easter toy for both she and Rocky will help !

  2. Big Dog Mom

    Dori, I\’m afraid that it\’s going from bad to worse to oh #$%@!! The meds seem to be working but Luci\’s having a reaction to one of the meds but we aren\’t sure which one. We\’ve stumped the vet so we\’re being referred to a specialist. I\’ve always known that Luci is a special girl but this is taking it to a whole new extreme!

  3. Beth

    I am pulling for you Luci!!

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