The Tire Saga

I had a flat tire last Sunday.  Don’t know why the tire went flat.  Didn’t realize it was flat until I was two blocks from the house.  Called Hubby and did the Talking Pothole voice.  ("Oh, no.  My tire’s all flat and junk!")  He was not impresssed.  Told me to get home PDQ so he could change the tire.  It’s been really cold here.  The tires have been on the car for about three years.  Yes, you guessed correctly.  The stupid tire wouldn’t come off the stupid car.  Replace the word "stupid" with your favorite swear word.  Took Hubby about an hour to change the tire.  He was not a happy man.
I took the car to The Tire Place where we bought the tires three years ago.  Of course, the tires are out of warranty.  Of course, the tire couldn’t be repaired and had to be replaced.  Of course The Tire Place had changed hands from the Place Where I Bought The Tires and The Tire Place didn’t carry the brand of tires I bought three years ago.  The one tire cost almost as much as the set of four that I bought three years ago.  It took two hours to get a new tire put on my car. 
While I was at The Tire Place, I asked them to check all the tires to make sure they weren’t leaking.  They assured me they were fine.  Being a trusting person, I believed them.  But the next day one of the tires looked a little low to me.  It’s the one tire I usually obsess over and make Hubby check all the time.  Even though he normally thinks I’m obsessing over the tire, this time he agreed that it didn’t look quite right and I should get a second opinion. 
Saturday morning I went for a second opinion.  I went to a small locally owned shop.  Because I didn’t want to deal with a Large Chain Store.  It’s close to the house.  Because I didn’t want to drive far on a potentially low tire on a snowy Saturday morning.  A lot of people had the same idea.  I waited an hour for them to look at my tire.  The Tire Place was right, there was nothing wrong with the tire . . . . but I did have a slow leak because of some gunk or something on the rim.  They gave me the official version but I don’t happen to remember it.  I just remember that there was gunk on the rim that was causing the tire to leak.  Now, why didn’t The Tire Place tell me that on Monday when I was there.  Heck I sat there for two hours, they could have cleaned the rim and saved me the bother.  Once they found the problem, it took 5 minutes to fix.  Now I can stop obsessing over the tire . . .
Life is good today. 


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6 responses to “The Tire Saga

  1. Nadine

    We don\’t even mention the word f-l-a-t… we always spell it. It\’s an instant curse to say it….and junk.

  2. Dori

    Pam. sorry about the tire fiasco – as we head to Phoenix today I just hope it doesn\’t happen to us – I\’m like Nadine – don\’t even want to say it aloud!Thanks for the blog entry for me – just loved looking at those beautiful hunkie dogs and see how much you enjoy them – keep on keeping on !! We are still grieving – we think we\’re doing fine and then something reminds us of Luke and tears instantly appear. I have his collar and scarf hanging on the entry piece which doesn\’t help, but I just don\’t want to forget him. The scarf smells like him and, of course, has his hair on it. His ashes will be ready this week for pick-up so he will be coming back home one way or another !!

  3. Big Dog Mom

    I understand exactly what you are going through. After Blacky passed away, Hubby had to paint the living room and dining room, replace the carpet and rearranged the furniture because everything reminded him of Blacky. And I hate when he rearranges the furniture . . . It\’s been over a year since Blacky left and I get teary eyed every time I shovel snow off the back deck. Blacky loved to have me throw the shovelful of snow at him. Big hugs and lots of puppy kisses for all of you from all of us!

  4. Beth

    I dread the thought of a flat tire when I am alone on the interstate. I guess I would sit there and wait for Triple A.

  5. Dori

    Well, yesterday Cool Hand Luke came home – his ashes rode in the backseat of the truck – just as he always loved to do – after all he thought it was HIS truck.. The front seat held two humans with tears streaming down their faces – and one Bichon who could care less! They now rest on the window sill in the kitchen, his fav room whenever I was cooking. Pictures of him flank them and show what a beautiful black lab he was. Our hearts still hurt and I long to go out and buy another lab – but know I can\’t. Anyway he could never be replacated – Luke was one of a kind.Pam, I was just like Hubby – only I didn\’t pain ther walls or rearrange furniture – the next day after Luke went down, I CLEANED all day long – fast and furious lest a sad thought creep into my already burdened mind. At the end of the day – everything sparkled except my heart. Funny how humans cope.One of our priests gave me a beautiful poem written by Kipling – about how nice it would have been if Jesus had a dog when He was growing up, died, risen, etc. It ends by saying "today I gave him mine" !!It makes me smile to think of Luke welcoming people as they come into heaven with one of his stuffed pheasants in his mouth. 🙂

  6. Big Dog Mom

    What a beautiful thought . . . that Jesus has Luke by his side. And Luke has Blacky and all the other dogs in doggie Heaven to keep him company. You won\’t be replacing Luke by getting another lab, you\’ll be honoring his memory and his love and devotion to your family. Luci\’s formal AKC name is "Because You Loved Me" in honor of Goldie, my beloved yellow lab. Goldie was 14 when she passed suddenly from kidney failure. Hubby called her my shadow because she never left my side. Hubby and Blacky couldn\’t stand to see me so upset so Hubby gently pushed me towards another lab when he said that Goldie would not want me to be the sad pathetic mess. And I was upsetting Blacky with all the crying because Blacky was my tender sensitive boy. Luci helped me heal. She helped us all heal. But you\’ll know when it\’s the right time to add a four legged baby to the family. God will bring the right dog to you.

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