For Dory

She’ll know why . . .
Been knitting.  Been working on cross stitch.  Been avoiding doing taxes – which is annoying hubby to new end (BONUS!).  Been watching the Olympics.  Oh, yea, and I’m kind of hooked on that silly farm game . . .
Luci and Rocky are enjoying lots of quality time with Mommy and Daddy
They enjoy snuggling on the floor while we watch TV.  I wish I could explain how wonderful it is to have them sleeping on my lap and listen to them snore.  Until I realize my leg and most of my tushie has gone to sleep.
We’ve gotten a lot of snow lately and they are having a wonderful time with it.  I’m just tickled that I haven’t had to deal with any mud lately! 
See the solar lights in the first picture?  Yea, they’re covered with snow now.  Only the solar panel things are showing and it’s pretty cool to see the light shine through the snow.  When we get enough sun to power the lights that is . . .
The other two pictures are of the back yard.  Notice the pile of snow on the small round table.  That’s the actual height of the snow . . . . we didn’t clean it off and (surprisingly!) Luci and Rocky haven’t tried to eat the snow off the table.
But with the extreme cold weather comes Luci’s dry skin issue.  Poor girl has a hot spot on her leg.  Took her to the vet to have it looked at.  She was so not happy with me over the weekend . . .
Since she wouldn’t leave it alone, the vet put this bandage on it.  She’s not happy with me.  She doesn’t want to go outside because she’s embarassed.  Especially since I have to wrap it in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t get wet.  She’s very good about letting me put the bag on her leg and take it off when she’s done but she knows that she looks funny and she makes strange noises when she walks.  Rocky didn’t want anything to do with her for a couple of hours . . . .
She only had to wear it for a few days.  She’s stopped licking it and the meds are helping it heal.  Personally I think she’ll do anything to keep that bandage and the plastic bag off her leg!
Overall life at the Big Dog House is good these days . . .

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  1. Beth

    I do love the pictures of the dogs Pam. What a joy they are to you and your husband. We have been bombarded with snow like that. I have forgotten what bare ground looks like.Have a great weekend.

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