Happy Valentines Day

Most of the time, I believe that Valentines Day is highly over rated.
Then there are times when Hubby surprises me and puts the "awww" back in our relationship.
Because money’s a little tight this year, we decided just to exchange cards and get a big box of candy.
He bought me a card.  I bought him a card.  He bought me a big box of chocolates and a small box of chocolates that were a gift from the puppies.
I bought him kisses and M&M’s.
But then we went above and beyond . . .
He cleaned the house.  He did the laundry.  He did the dishes . . . all weekend! 
Then . . .
He surprised me with dinner out even though he hates going out to eat on Valentines Day. 
Even though I planned to surprise him with a special dinner at home.
After 26 years together, he can still surprise me.
Awwwww . . .


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2 responses to “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Dori

    Pam, it sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine\’s Day – you deserve it gal!!Mine started out great – we went to Mass, had a Valentine\’s Day lunch at a fav restaurant with 10 of our friends. Had bought a raffle ticket at church in the a.m. and that evening I got a call that I had won the wine basket – full of wine, jewelry shower stuff, candles, et. etc. etc.Ok, so far so good – on Wednesday, Luke our beautiful black lab, stopped eating and drinking. At 10 1/2 years, he had slowed down a lot, but still went on daily walks with me, although shorter and shorter. To make a sad long strory shorter – we had to put him down on Thursday afternoon. He was bleeding from the nose and had other indiation of a tumor in his head – we are heartbroken. I know you understand because you went thru it last year with Blackie. We have had a lab in the house for 20 1/2 years and it just doesn\’t seem right without one. But at our age, we don\’t feel it would be right to get another one because they need a lot of exercise and playtime. So enjoy your two big dogs – in my book there is nothing that can compare to a big dog whose heart is even bigger !

  2. Big Dog Mom

    Oh, Dori, I\’m so sorry to hear about Luke!! It is an awful thing to have them there one day and gone the next. And then to find out that they\’ve been sick for a while and just didn\’t want you to know. It\’s just too painful to ever explain. I\’m all teary eyed thinking of it. I understand about the hesitation to get another one and the unbearableness (is that a word?) of not having one around. The click of the nails on the floor. Passing by their favorite spot. Awwwww . . . I know it isn\’t the same, but you are welcome to borrow Luci (and Rocky because they are inseparable) any time you want. As a matter of fact, my next post will be Luci and Rocky related . . . with photos! Big hugs and puppy kisses to you and the whole family. Again, I\’m soooo sorry for your loss.

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