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The Tire Saga

I had a flat tire last Sunday.  Don’t know why the tire went flat.  Didn’t realize it was flat until I was two blocks from the house.  Called Hubby and did the Talking Pothole voice.  ("Oh, no.  My tire’s all flat and junk!")  He was not impresssed.  Told me to get home PDQ so he could change the tire.  It’s been really cold here.  The tires have been on the car for about three years.  Yes, you guessed correctly.  The stupid tire wouldn’t come off the stupid car.  Replace the word "stupid" with your favorite swear word.  Took Hubby about an hour to change the tire.  He was not a happy man.
I took the car to The Tire Place where we bought the tires three years ago.  Of course, the tires are out of warranty.  Of course, the tire couldn’t be repaired and had to be replaced.  Of course The Tire Place had changed hands from the Place Where I Bought The Tires and The Tire Place didn’t carry the brand of tires I bought three years ago.  The one tire cost almost as much as the set of four that I bought three years ago.  It took two hours to get a new tire put on my car. 
While I was at The Tire Place, I asked them to check all the tires to make sure they weren’t leaking.  They assured me they were fine.  Being a trusting person, I believed them.  But the next day one of the tires looked a little low to me.  It’s the one tire I usually obsess over and make Hubby check all the time.  Even though he normally thinks I’m obsessing over the tire, this time he agreed that it didn’t look quite right and I should get a second opinion. 
Saturday morning I went for a second opinion.  I went to a small locally owned shop.  Because I didn’t want to deal with a Large Chain Store.  It’s close to the house.  Because I didn’t want to drive far on a potentially low tire on a snowy Saturday morning.  A lot of people had the same idea.  I waited an hour for them to look at my tire.  The Tire Place was right, there was nothing wrong with the tire . . . . but I did have a slow leak because of some gunk or something on the rim.  They gave me the official version but I don’t happen to remember it.  I just remember that there was gunk on the rim that was causing the tire to leak.  Now, why didn’t The Tire Place tell me that on Monday when I was there.  Heck I sat there for two hours, they could have cleaned the rim and saved me the bother.  Once they found the problem, it took 5 minutes to fix.  Now I can stop obsessing over the tire . . .
Life is good today. 


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For Dory

She’ll know why . . .
Been knitting.  Been working on cross stitch.  Been avoiding doing taxes – which is annoying hubby to new end (BONUS!).  Been watching the Olympics.  Oh, yea, and I’m kind of hooked on that silly farm game . . .
Luci and Rocky are enjoying lots of quality time with Mommy and Daddy
They enjoy snuggling on the floor while we watch TV.  I wish I could explain how wonderful it is to have them sleeping on my lap and listen to them snore.  Until I realize my leg and most of my tushie has gone to sleep.
We’ve gotten a lot of snow lately and they are having a wonderful time with it.  I’m just tickled that I haven’t had to deal with any mud lately! 
See the solar lights in the first picture?  Yea, they’re covered with snow now.  Only the solar panel things are showing and it’s pretty cool to see the light shine through the snow.  When we get enough sun to power the lights that is . . .
The other two pictures are of the back yard.  Notice the pile of snow on the small round table.  That’s the actual height of the snow . . . . we didn’t clean it off and (surprisingly!) Luci and Rocky haven’t tried to eat the snow off the table.
But with the extreme cold weather comes Luci’s dry skin issue.  Poor girl has a hot spot on her leg.  Took her to the vet to have it looked at.  She was so not happy with me over the weekend . . .
Since she wouldn’t leave it alone, the vet put this bandage on it.  She’s not happy with me.  She doesn’t want to go outside because she’s embarassed.  Especially since I have to wrap it in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t get wet.  She’s very good about letting me put the bag on her leg and take it off when she’s done but she knows that she looks funny and she makes strange noises when she walks.  Rocky didn’t want anything to do with her for a couple of hours . . . .
She only had to wear it for a few days.  She’s stopped licking it and the meds are helping it heal.  Personally I think she’ll do anything to keep that bandage and the plastic bag off her leg!
Overall life at the Big Dog House is good these days . . .

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Happy Valentines Day

Most of the time, I believe that Valentines Day is highly over rated.
Then there are times when Hubby surprises me and puts the "awww" back in our relationship.
Because money’s a little tight this year, we decided just to exchange cards and get a big box of candy.
He bought me a card.  I bought him a card.  He bought me a big box of chocolates and a small box of chocolates that were a gift from the puppies.
I bought him kisses and M&M’s.
But then we went above and beyond . . .
He cleaned the house.  He did the laundry.  He did the dishes . . . all weekend! 
Then . . .
He surprised me with dinner out even though he hates going out to eat on Valentines Day. 
Even though I planned to surprise him with a special dinner at home.
After 26 years together, he can still surprise me.
Awwwww . . .


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Going Public

I may have mentioned a time or two that I like to cross stitch.  I have a couple of projects in the works pretty much all the time.  Over the last few years I really haven’t done much on any of my projects for one reason or another.  I’ve picked it back up again since I’ve got some extra free time these days. 
This is Gift Bearing Santa.  I’ve been working on it for a while.  We won’t say how long because it’s kind of embarassing.  Let’s just say life got in the way and leave it at that!  One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to finish a piece in time to be entered in the county fair this summer.  I will need to have it done by the first of June to get it framed and ready for the fair.  The fair is the third week of July.  I told Hubby about my goal and he is still laughing about it.  I’m not exactly speedy when it comes to getting a piece finished on time.  I started a piece for my Older Sister when she announced she was pregnant with Middle Niece.  I got it done in time to give to Older Sister when Middle Niece started kindergarten.  I’m not really that slow.  I get bored with a piece and set aside for a while to work on something else then eventually work my way back to it.  
I decided to go public with the plan to keep me honest and on track.  If everyone knows about it then I’m a little more inclined to finish the project on time. 
At least that’s the plan . . . .

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