So How’ve You Been?

I haven’t been around much, I know.  I started the year with the hopes of blogging more often.  Since we quit the paper and we didn’t have MIL to look after anymore, I thought I’d have lots of free time.  We do have lots of free time.  We are spending lots of time together.  I’m finally able to do all the things I dreamed of doing when my life was way too busy.  I watch TV.  I’m working on my cross stitch.  I’m working on my knitting.  It’s as wonderful as I imagined it to be.
But – and you knew there was going to be a but – there are still lots of things going on . . .
Hubby and I are still dealing with MIL’s estate.  It only took us three months, but we finally got Hubby named executor of the estate and got the necessary paperwork filed with the probate court.  Seems the hold up was getting the siblings to return the necessary paperwork to the attorney.  I’ll be fair.  It wasn’t ALL the siblings.  Just ONE sibling.  Surprisingly it was the sibling that we thought would be first in line to get the money she’s owed from the estate.  The SIL that hadn’t been in touch with the family for over 30 years responded promptly.  The BIL that saw MIL a couple of times a year responded promptly.  The SIL that is here in town and claimed to spend more time with MIL than we did was the last to respond.  She’s getting money from the estate and we thought for sure that she’d be first in line to get the paperwork filed.  No response from the letters the attorney sent.  No response from daily phone calls from Hubby and me.  Not a peep.  Luckily we can use lack of a response as a response and got the paperwork filed.  We’re making progress but we still have the house to sell.  The housing market here in Smalltown isn’t the greatest and there’s no movement on that front at all.  We just have to wait and see and hope it sells soon.  It’s a little stressful trying to support two households with one income. 
Jr. and Princess (and the grandkids) seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.  Jr. apologized to Hubby for his outburst but Jr. still has a lot of resentment towards Hubby that I don’t understand.  Instead of Jr. working it out with Hubby, he tells me about it and wants me to be the go-between with Hubby.  I told Jr. that I did that when the kids were younger but Jr.’s 37 years old now and he needs to deal with this himself.  I told Jr. that I can’t fix the problems and that if Jr. can’t resolve the problem with Hubby on his own, then maybe he should stay away for a while.   I’m guessing that he took me at my word.  
Princess took over the paper route and that lasted about two weeks.  Her phone isn’t working anymore and she’s moved out of her apartment.  We have no idea where she is what’s going on with her.  I’m sure she’ll surface when she needs something (read "money").  Until then, we just have to pray that she’s not in any trouble.  Hubby even called The Ex to see if she had heard from Princess.  (That’s a MONUMENTAL event since they haven’t spoken in almost 5 years!).  Strange thing is that The Ex hasn’t heard from Princess or Jr. either.  
Remember my girlfriend Chessie and her High School Sweetheart drama?  He crawled out of the woodwork back in September and she thought it was the answer to her prayers that he’d come back into her life?  And she’s already married to somebody else?  She went to see High School Sweetheart at Thanksgiving and she thought it was the beginning of her Happily Ever After.  The had plans for her to go back at Christmas and be there permanently.  At least that’s what she thought.  She had plans to move hundreds of miles away to be with him.  Lined up job interviews.  Made arrangements for her Mom to take custody of Youngest Daughter (Chessie’s husband isn’t the girl’s father).  Planned to quit her job here in Ohio and start all over beside Her One True Love.  Well, the reality of the situation was that High School Sweetheart enjoyed her company for Thanksgiving week, but he had no intentions of making it permanent.  He even told her not to come back at Christmas.  But she didn’t hear that and she went anyway.  Showed up on his doorstep two days before Christmas – unannounced and unexpected.  He was happy to see her but he already had other plans for Christmas and sent her back home to Ohio on Christmas Eve.  She was devastated.  Depressed.  "Why can’t I be happy?"  "Why can’t he love me back?"  "How do I fix this?"  Even though I’ve known her for over 30 years, for the last 20 or so it was a pretty casual friendship.  Christmas cards once a year.  See each other at school functions a couple of times a year.  Very limited contact.  But once all this drama started, I got daily updates.  She has been my friend for 30 years so I couldn’t just turn my back on her.  Daily drama with everything being focused on her, her, her.  Okay, well, I’ll help her because it’s taking my mind off my problems for a while.  That’s what friends do.  Got her through the worst of it.  Life seems to be settling down for her a bit and it’s back to the very casual friendship.  Not a peep out of her in a couple of weeks.  Was it something I said?  Is it my breath (**breathe into my hand and sniff**)?  WTF?  Talk about a shot to a girl’s self esteem.
The job is good.  Hubby is good.  The dogs are good.  Except for the dragging in the mud thing.  Everybody’s healthy.  I’m doing all the stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but something is just off a bit.  I’m thinking it’s a case of the winter blah’s . . . it’s happened before.  I’m sure it’ll pass.   


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5 responses to “So How’ve You Been?

  1. Beth

    It is the winter blah\’s Pam. I have tthem too.I am assuming that MIL didn\’t name your husband as executor of her will. Or did she even have a will. That is one thing I did shortly after my husband\’s death, had a new will drawn up although the attorney told me that my old will would have been sufficient. Now it has been 3 years since he has been gome and I am already thinking of some changes I would like to make.As far as the missing persons; take no news as good news.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    Hubby is the executor of the estate and inherits the bulk of it. Two of the siblings also inherit something from the estate. We needed to get the executor appointment and estate inventory filed so that we can start to sell her car and the house. Now that the paperwork is filed, we can move ahead with selling items from the estate and paying some of her final debts – hospital bills from a year ago are appearing in the mailbox daily.

  3. Beth

    We went through the constant hospital/doctor bills like that too when Jim\’s mother died. You will be able to get it all settled eventually but for right now I know it is a trying time for you both.

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