It’s been raining here for days.  It’s dreary and foggy.  Makes the days very long and my temper kind of short.  Would it be wrong for me to wish for the snow to come back?


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5 responses to “Dreary

  1. Beth

    I would rather have the snow than the ice and rain.

  2. GreatGranny

    We had Tornado weather here and turning colder down here in Dixie. We had our share of rain and fog too.

  3. Big Dog Mom

    If the temps are below freezing, then the mud will freeze and the dogs aren\’t dragging it in. If we have snow, then I don\’t have to wipe their feet as vigorously to keep them clean. Luci HATES having her feet cleaned. At least clean fresh snow is pretty to look at and it gives a peaceful glow at night. It\’s so dreary here that the solar lights won\’t work.

  4. Dori

    Pam, I can identify – our usually dry climate produced 3.5 inches or rain and 7.5 inches of snow in 3 days – I much prefer the snow, as do my dogs – they just go nuts in it and you are right, it\’s much easier to clean up. Hang in there, the sun WILL shine again !

  5. Big Dog Mom

    Sun is shining. It\’s very cold – like 20 degrees or something. But yet the dogs are still finding mud? How are they finding mud?!

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