Early Sunday Morning

Luci got me up today at 7:15 a.m. because she had to potty.  And it was time for breakfast.  She doesn’t realize it’s Sunday morning.  She has a routine and Mommy’s messing with the routine when she sleeps in.  Rocky’s not as fussy as his schedule.  He doesn’t much like the cold and would be perfectly happy sleeping in until Mommy decides to get out of bed.  But if Luci’s up, then he’s up because he knows food is involved. 
For some reason, though, it doesn’t matter if Daddy sleeps in or gets up early.  Luci only wakes me up on Sunday morning.  Must be a Mom thing.  
It’s very cold here.  The temperature is 5 degrees above zero.  
See the snow?  This is left over from the storm on Thursday. 
Yes those are fake trees on the deck. 
They don’t care that it’s only 5 degrees outside.  They want to play. 
They always stop what they are doing whenever they see a camera.  They are either very big hams or they’re afraid they’re going to be in trouble.
As long as I’m up, I might as well read the Sunday paper.  I truly appreciate what it takes to deliver a paper now.  I’m very grateful that I didn’t have to deliver papers in 5 degree weather. 


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2 responses to “Early Sunday Morning

  1. Beth

    The pictures are great Pam. It was 12 below zero this morning when I got up. Actual temp, not sure what the wind chill was. I am longing for spring.

  2. GreatGranny

    Love your snow pix with your fur babies playing.

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