We Got Snow!!

It’s seriously cold here in Ohio.  Single digit cold with -0 wind chill temps.  So cold we have to leave the water run in the kitchen sink to keep the pipes from freezing cold. 
Fluff – the cat that thinks he lives here – is spending the night in the house for the third night in a row.  Normally, Fluff takes off about bedtime (11 p.m.) and is out all night doing whatever it is that male cats do at night.  Yes, Fluff is a male cat.  No, I didn’t name him – his previous family did.  But the name suits him.  Who’d expect a big ol tomcat to be named Fluff?
We got snow.  Light fluffy I don’t think it’s gonna stick kind of snow.  But it is sticking.  To the car.  To the roads.  To the dogs when they go out.  Bless his heart, Hubby even offered to get up early and drive me to work.  Then he realized that I’m only 10 minutes away from work.  I used to drive 45 minutes each way in this kind of stuff every day.  For 6 years.  Without so much as a slide off the road incident.  I think I’ll be okay driving to work, Honey.  Bless his heart.  
Since I’m only 10 minutes away from work I just realized that I won’t be able to have a snow day. 

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  1. Beth

    It is bitter cold here. Our wind chill right now is 16 below zero and there is still several inches of snow on the ground with more to come tomorrow. I am ready for spring.

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