The Day Before The Day Before Christmas

I’m off to shop for the food for The Family Dinner tomorrow night.  Did I mention that I have to work most of the day tomorrow and Hubby will be doing the cooking?
I haven’t wrapped any Christmas presents yet. 
I haven’t baked any Christmas cookies yet. 
I still need to clean the house. 
Bless Hubby’s heart that he’s cheerfully helping with those tasks. 
Computer was broke last week and we just got it back today.  Talk about serious withdrawals!
Family drama involving Mom’s side of the family.  We’re not close to that side of the family and now I understand Mom’s decision to distance herself (and all of us) from them.  I always knew that Mom had a miserable childhood but she never shared specific details until now.  How someone went through all that and became the loving center of our family is beyond me.  If I wasn’t in awe of her strength before, I am now. 
Hubby and Jr had a massive argument last week.  Jr has seriously disrespected Hubby and won’t be joining us for The Family Dinner tomorrow night.  The situation has totally destroyed what little Christmas spirit I had.  If it weren’t for Hubby and the puppies, I’d cancel Christmas this year. 
We have just enough snow on the ground to make it look like Christmas.  Maybe it’ll bring back some of my Christmas spirit.

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