Been a while since I’ve been here.  I’ve got plenty of time now to work on my hobbies.  MIL passed away in October.  It was a rough couple of months before she passed.  We were stretched pretty thin. 

Now we have to deal with settling the estate.  Selling the house.  Getting rid of all her stuff.  

Hubby’s giving up the paper route at the end of the month.  We don’t have the strength or desire to do the 7/365 commitment to deliver the papers.  At least not for the small amount we get paid every week.

Princess has moved to Smalltown.  She seems to be doing okay.  The kids are taking some time to adjust to life here.  After all, their whole lives were in Virginia. 

Jr. has moved in with Princess.  Girlfriend kicked him out the day of MIL’s funeral.  I’m still stunned at that one.

Other than that, nothing much as been going on. 

You don’t believe that, do you?


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