Three Days Off

Good news is . . . I don’t have pneumonia.  Just a really bad cold.  So after a steroid shot, a z-pack of antibiotics, cough pills, and an inhaler I’m good.  Or at least I’ll be good in three days when I can go back to work.  Yes, I got the golden ticket . . . a note from the doc that gave me three days off.  One of the benefits of working in the health care field.  Can’t very well go to work if I’m coughing up a lung or carrying a low grade fever.
Bad news is that I have three days off.  Here at home.  With Hubby.  I can’t go out to walk the dogs.  I can’t go out to play in the back yard with the dogs.  I can’t go Christmas shopping.  I have to stay in the house and stay warm and take my meds.  I get to work on my knitting.  I get to work on my cross-stitch.  I get to catch up on my reading.  On one hand, I got my fondest wish.  On the other hand, I have too much work to do to sit still for three days.  My Mom is thrilled that I’m finally pampering myself.  Evidently she’s been worried for quite some time about me spreading myself too thin.  She’s told Hubby that he’s in charge and he has to make me behave.  You know you’re in trouble with your Mom and your Hubby are ganging up on you.  
Sooo, I’m learning his routine.  What time he has lunch.  How often he lets the dogs out.  What time the mailman comes.  He’s not busy with any rod repair work this week, so we’re spending lots of quality time in front of the TV.  He’s agreed to let me watch my soaps in peace and quiet if I let him watch his shows in peace and quiet.  We have a stack of movies to watch too.  
Oh, and the issue with GS2 . . . we’re still waiting for Princess to call us so we can fill her in on the phone call we got this morning . . . it’s gonna be a fun week!!


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5 responses to “Three Days Off

  1. Beth

    Do as the doctor ordered Pam. Too much is at stake.What do you think of Y&R now? I would like to bash in Adam\’s head. He is beyond redemption. At least Victor and Nikki will be back next month.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    I\’m being a good girl and doing as the doc (and Mom) ordered! Even tho I promised to stop watching Y&R when Victor left, I haven\’t. It\’s in my blood and I can\’t stay away. (Hi, I\’m Pam and I\’m a Y&R addict.) I want to bash Adam\’s head in. I want to smack Billy. WTF with the Mac, Lilly, Kane story? Ashley is . . . well, I won\’t say. I miss Victor and I can\’t wait for him to come back.

  3. Beth

    I am a Y & R addict too.

  4. Big Dog Mom

    Okay, now I\’m just learning that CBS is cancelling "As The World Turns"? What?!! No more Dr. Bob? No more John Dixon? No more Lisa? Barbara? James Stenbeck? Craig? Lucinda? First Guiding Light and now this? I\’m having a case of the vapors . . . .

  5. Beth

    I watched the very first As the World Turns when I was a newlywed. I gave it up long ago and my only soap now is Y&R. If they cancel that I think I would be devastated.

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