Full Moon Week

At work, we can always tell when there’s a full moon.  We get extremely busy with some really strange things.  Add to that the stress of coming back to work after a four day holiday weekend and the beginnings of head cold and you’ve got one very cranky girl.
Sometimes I feel like I’m a broken record . . . I tell my patients the same thing over and over again and it just never seems to sink in.  I’m often amazed at how many different ways they can ask the same question . . . . in the hope that they will eventually get the answer they want. 
I have over 200 patients that I work with every month to help them get their medications.  Then there are the patients that I work with on a not so regular basis when they need samples or a refill called into the pharmacy.  I’m guessing I deal with over 300 different clients during a month.  Their faces and their histories kind of blur together sometimes.  I feel really bad when they recognize me and call me by name and I can’t remember who the heck they are.  I’ve been lucky that I can talk to them for a few seconds and figure out who they are.  It’s an interesting and rewarding job.  Certainly not something I would have ever expected I’d end up doing.  
The full moon even makes Luci and Rocky act weird.  Okay, more weird than normal.  The other day Rocky was clingy and whiney all night.  I have no idea what happened.  He was actually shaking and whining and wouldn’t leave Hubby’s side.  It lasted about 30 minutes and then he was fine.  Luci went to bed with Hubby at 9:30 pm and didn’t get up to potty or get her nightly dog bone from Mike The Neighbor.  But tonight they’ve been outside more than they’ve been inside – and it’s 42 degrees here.  
I sure hope it’s not a sign of what it’s going to be like all winter. 

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