Let The Festivities Begin

The Christmas Season officially begins for me when I see this commercial.  I saw it today during a football game.  Sorry, I don’t remember which one.  I’ve watched so many this weekend they’re all kind of blurring together.  But it’s official now . . . it’s time for Christmas.   

YouTube – Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Commercial

It’s been a wonderful weekend.  For time first time in ages, Hubby and I have sat on the couch and watched movies together.  Lots of movies.  Lots of football games.  Slept in.  Went to the Day Old Bakery.  Cleaned the house together.  I took the dogs for a walk and we checked out all the neighborhood holiday decorations.  Hubby mentioned that maybe next year we might put up some holiday decorations of our own.  I didn’t get around to my cross stitch, but I did get out the knitting.  I read the entire Sunday paper – with ads!  I’ve sat on the floor and snuggled with the doggies in my lap – something I haven’t done in a really long time.  I’m making a list of the holiday cookies that I want to make. 

It was a pretty boring weekend.  But considering the crazy pace of our lives the last year or so, it was a welcome change.  I feel almost guilty enjoying it. 

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  1. Beth

    I have seen that commercial so many times already this season. I like it too.Jim always decorated our house from the roof to the ground. Even shrubs and trees. I have all of that stuff in the garage. If you were close by I would be happy to give it to you and you could put hubby to work. 🙂

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