Your Tire’s All Flat and Junk

Life has calmed down a bit and I’m getting to spend more time at home watching TV.  The doggies are loving it.  I sit on the floor and they snuggle on my lap.  I’m catching up on my reality shows. I’m catching up on my Soaps.  I’m seeing all kinds of new commericals.
This one is my new favorite.  I love the southern accent on the pot hole. 
You gotta love the simple things in life . . . .


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3 responses to “Your Tire’s All Flat and Junk

  1. Beth

    I like that commercial too!!I am glad that things are settling down and you have time to enjoy your dogs again.

  2. Nadine

    I LOVE IT!!!It\’s like a Texas Beauty Queen and Stuff.

  3. Big Dog Mom

    I can recite the entire commercial . . . and I\’m working on my Texas Beauty Queen accent. Which is quite funny since I\’m from Ohio and have a Midwest twang.

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