Plan B

We had a plan.  We were going to have an auction and sell MIL’s house and all the stuff.  Furniture, applicances, household stuff.  It would be done all in one day.  
That plan didn’t quite work out.  For various reasons.  We just weren’t comfortable with some of the stuff we were finding out about how the auction process worked. 
So we resorted to Plan B.
House is being listed with a local realtor.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it sells quickly.
As for the household stuff.  Well, MIL is having a big laugh at me from Heaven.  I swore I was done with yard sales.  She never believed me.  We’ll be having a LARGE yard sale this spring to sell the household stuff.
As for the furniture and appliances . . . all I can say is thank heavens for craigslist . . . and free "for sale" ads with the local paper.


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4 responses to “Plan B

  1. Beth

    When Jim\’s mother died we sold her house and contents by aution and it was a total nightmare. I think you have made a wise decision.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    I\’m afraid that the long drawn out sell one piece at a time thing will also be a nightmare. and then there\’s going to be the hugemongeous yard sale in the spring.

  3. Beth

    Put the furniture out with the yard sale. Advertise the antique pieces in the newspaper. Believe me, the dealers witll come. I had a huge sale in the spring after my husband died and it was very profitable. I even sold his truck at a profit. It is hard work but you can do it.

  4. Big Dog Mom

    So far we\’ve gotten a good response to the craigslist stuff. It looks hopeful. As for the other stuff, Hubby thinks it\’s too late in the year for a successful yard sale. I\’m thankful for that because it\’s starting to get cold here and the last thing I want is to freeze my tushie doing a yard sale. On the bright side, all of the work is keeping Hubby\’s mind off things and giving him more time to deal with his loss. We\’re both at a loss as to how to handle the holidays. The two biggies – Thanksgiving and Christmas – are right around the corner.

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