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What Was I Thinking??!!

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Honest.  But, like most of my brilliant ideas . . . it went horribly awry.
I was going to take Luci and Rocky to the do-it-yourself dog wash place yesterday. Then I took a good look at the house and decided I needed to clean instead.  With all the stuff going on here lately, the house has been a little neglected.  So I cleaned the house and made a promise to the doggies that they’d get baths during the week. 
My original plan was to take Luci tonight and then take Rocky on Wednesday night.  Then I got the bright idea to take them both tonight.  I got off work early enough and there was plenty of time to throw them in the Dog Mobile and get to the dog wash place before they closed.  I had a coupon for a free wash for one of them and a 10% coupon for the other one.  I figured they would be together in the car and they’d be happy.  They whine and whimper when they are apart so I thought it would be better for them to be together.  Rocky is no trouble when I give him a bath and I’d have the groomer guy give Rocky a bath while I gave stubborn Luci a bath.  After all, that’s why I have the Dog Mobile to take the dogs places together.  
Like I said, it seemed like a good idea at the time. 
When I come home from work, the usual routine is for me to walk the dogs.  So they were a little excited thinking it was time for their walk.  Then when I took them out to the car, they were really excited.  Luci jumped right into the back of the car.  Rocky wasn’t quite so quick to jump up.  I’m trying to load Rocky into the car while I’m trying to keep Luci from jumping back out.  The car was parked on the street and I was worried that one or the other of them was going to get hit if somebody went zipping down the street.  Luci hopped out the back of the car and I decided I’d load them in through the passenger door.  Again, Luci jumped right in and Rocky wasn’t having any part of it.  I had to lift Rocky into the car while Luci was trying to sniff him.  There the three of us were all crammed into the passenger side door.  Aaarrgh.
Okay, we’re in the car.  I’ve got the special shampoo for Luci.  I’ve got the coupons.  I even managed to remember my keys, my cell phone, and my purse.  Things are looking good.  Off we go.  We get to the end of the street and Luci’s whining.  Evidently Rocky was in "her" spot and wouldn’t move.  As a matter of fact, he didn’t move the entire trip to the dog wash place.  It was like he had turned to stone.  Thankfully, it’s only 10 minutes to the dog wash place.
We get there.  They manage to behave themselves long enough to get out of the car and into the place.  We walk into the waiting area and Luci jumps up and gives the groomer a big old smooch.  Rocky’s still acting like a statue. 
We go in.  I let groomer guy take Rocky and I get Luci into the tub.  Luci is totally incorrigable when it comes to getting a bath.  It’s totally my fault because when she was a baby, I gave her a bath in her baby pool.  She thinks bath time is time to play.  She’s excited to get in the tub and play in the water.
Rocky has never really warmed up to the idea of bath time.  He’s very well behaved but I can tell that it’s not his favorite thing.  He won’t even play in the pool or in the sprinkler.  He’s just not a big fan of the water.  He never shakes.  He never makes any noise.  He’s always perfectly well behaved.  At least he is when I’m the one giving him a bath.  He whined and whimpered and howled the entire time.  He couldn’t see me.  He couldn’t see Luci.  Some strange man was giving him a bath.  He was not a happy camper.
When Rocky starts to whine, Luci gets upset and tries to get out of the tub.  I’m trying to hang onto a wet 106 lb dog that’s covered in soap.  She wouldn’t sit still.  She kept trying to push me out of the way to get out to see what’s going on with Rocky.  She’s not a happy camper. 
I finally get her done and groomer guy is still using the blower dryer on Rocky.  Luci made a bee-line to the tub where Rocky was.  She stood on her hind legs next to groomer guy as if to tell Rocky that it was okay.  Sissy wasn’t going to let anyone hurt him.  
Rocky’s done.  Luci’s done.  They both get bandanas and smelly spray stuff.  I pay the bill and we leave. 
They walk quietly out to the car. No pulling.  No fighting.  Now why couldn’t they do that on the way in?!
They get in the car.  We drive home in silence.  Except for the heaving panting and the fogged up windows. 
We get home.  They both jump out at the same time and dash for the door.  
They haven’t left each other’s side since we got home.  
I think I’ll go back to individual trips to the dog wash place. 

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