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Something Wonderful

Yes, there is happy news from the Big Dog Family!!  It’s been a rough month and I’m sure we have some more rough days, weeks, month ahead of us while we try to get the estate settled and live through the upcoming holidays.  Holidays.  Gee, not really something I want to deal with at this point but I’ll get through it somehow.
Anyway, back to my wonderful news. . . .
Hubby bowled a 300 game on Monday night.  In the first game of the evening.  He’s the secretary of the league which means he has a lot of paperwork to take care of on top of trying to bowl.  This is his second year being the secretary and he’s been struggling to deal with both tasks.  Bless his heart, he’s not a good multi-tasker.  But somehow he pulled it off on Monday night.  He got through the 9th frame before he realized what was going on.  He took a deep breath before he started the 10th frame and just threw the ball like he had all night.  And all the pins fell down. 
It took him 22 years of bowling to finally get his 300 game.  He’s had a 299 and a 298 and thought he’d never see his 300.  It was like the Holy Grail for him. 
His team stomped and hollered for him.  The entire bowling league held their breath until he threw his last ball.  Then the place erupted in cheers. 
And I missed it.  After sitting in bowling alleys for all those years and being bored silly . . . I missed the biggest night of his life.  But I have a good reason and he understood.  See, Monday was All Souls Day and I was at Mass honoring MIL.  Near as I can figure, about the time the memorial candle for MIL was lit, Hubby was finishing his 300 game.  I’m thinking he had an angel or two watching over him. 
I found out about the 300 game by a voice mail message left at home by Hubby’s BFF.  That’s when I took off for the bowling alley.  You should have seen the smile on Hubby’s face when I walked into the bowling alley.  
Believe it or not . . . that smile’s still there . . .

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